Xyliah – Xyliah’s Diary

Dear Diary,

The biggest news is that we are now in Pandaria.  There really are bear-people here!  We arrived by portal yesterday evening.  Berwick was fortunate enough to run into Kestrae during the day.  She told him that Sanimir had returned and could make portals here.  Thank goodness we didn’t have to take the boat!  I can’t put into words how grateful I am that Berwick asked Sanimir to make the portal.  I was prepared to sleep for the next few days!

Sanimir didn’t seem as hostile as he had been.  Perhaps we can be friends after all.  He showed us around a little before he said he had to go back.  I guess he has more portals to make.  He’s charging most people, but he didn’t charge us.  He said he wanted to check if Aeramin was back too.  I don’t understand why they’re apart.

I received a letter from Yara before we left.  She’s doing wonderfully well!  I wrote back and told her of the trip we planned.  I promised to go visit after we got back.  Depending on how many skins I get, I may deliver them in person.  We’ll see.  I know father would be interested in seeing Berwick.

I can’t wait to see everything here.  It’s all very exciting.  I know Berwick is excited too.  The inn at the place we stayed last night wasn’t very private.  I can’t wait until we get to the ruins so I can properly thank him for saving me from having to take the boat.

I can’t wait to see what kind of skins and furs I can get here.  There are supposedly tigers in the forest.  I know father has made some chairs with tiger fur before for some upscale client.  Hopefully, whatever we find, will be suitable for him to use.

I’m sure there will be treasure in the ruins as well.  Berwick is really good at finding things.  Maybe we’ll find something exotic and rare.  I haven’t been this excited since I was a child.  I can’t wait to get there and get started!


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