Aeramin – The Search for a Ranger: Hellfire Peninsula

Aeramin Firewind stood on a hill overlooking the sickly green, fel-tainted pools in the valley below.  They contrasted heavily with the red hue of the dry, cracked ground.  Terrorfiends and large grotesque oozelings roamed the area.

“They’re big and strong.  You want one, master?”  Rupyap sounded hopeful yet nervous.  He had been warned.  If anyone were to approach them, hide.  Aeramin hoped the extra set of eyes would help find Sath’alor faster.

Aeramin twitched an ear.  “They’re too strong for me, Rupyap.”

“Master is strong.  The others try to hold him back.  They don’t want to teach him.  They tell him to take a break.  They tell him he’s a bad student and doesn’t listen.  You’re very strong, master.  The others are jealous.”

Aeramin started picking his way down the rocky slope to get a better look around the pools.  He doubted Sath’alor would have come this way, but he was running out of places to check.  He twitched an ear again as he replied to the imp.  “I summoned you to help me look for clues, not to give your opinion.  Come down here with me.  You will be able to go out further to look for tracks than I can.”

“Me?  Master, the oozeling doesn’t care what it eats.  The terrorfiends will know I’m not supposed to be here.”

Aeramin raised a brow.  “Then you best choose a good disguise.  I could send you back and call Gibrik.  He may be more familiar with what needs to be done.”

“No, master.  No.  I can do it.  I can do it.  You will see.”

Aeramin nodded.  “Good.  I need to know if there are any boot tracks on the other side.  Go.  Now.”

Rupyap didn’t hesitate as he hopped the rest of the way down the steep cliff.  Aeramin watched, ready to banish the imp at the slightest false move.  The imp’s eyes darted between the terrorfiends and the oozes as it crawled around the small pools.  The imp appeared smaller now, and seemed to blend in with it’s surroundings, it’s skin matching the same rusty red as the ground.

After passing around some of the pools, the imp picked something up carefully made his its way back to the ledge where Aeramin waited.

“What is it?”  Aeramin asked as Rupyap neared.

“Master, I found a feather!  Maybe the ranger dropped.”

“He doesn’t have a bird, Rupyap.”

“Maybe he carries feathers?”

Aeramin shook his head.  The imp was useless.  “Did you see any tracks?”

“No, master.  I’m sorry, master.  Master is strong no matter what others say.”

Aeramin rolled his eyes.  This again.  It was as if the imp knew what he planned.  His eyebrow raised slightly, eyeing the imp curiously.  You do know, don’t you.

Master doesn’t say everything.  You are strong.

Aeramin frowned as he said the words to send the imp back.  And you’ll be stuck in the nether if it kills me.  He picked up his supplies and climbed back up the slope.  It was time to fly over to what was called the warp fields.  A voidwalker would be good practice before trying it on the felguard.


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