Aeramin – The Search for a Ranger: Nagrand

Aeramin Firewind slipped closer to the edge of the blackened grass in western Nagrand.  He hid behind one of the crooked trees that dotted the landscape, and peeked around it.  Demons.  Here.  He put his backpack down on the ground, still staying hidden behind the tree.  He took out his map and looked back the way he had come.  The rented dragonhawk was loosely tethered to another tree a distance off.  Should it need to, it could break free, but Aeramin needed the beast to continue his search for Sath’alor.

He had first rented the dragonhawk yesterday.  It was insanely cheap compared to the prices in Dalaran.  Even renting it for an entire week was affordable.  He left Muffins in the care of a pet stable, and rode to Zangarmarsh.  He had seen no sign of the ranger there either, although there was a lot of ground to cover, and a lot of water.  If Sath’alor was fishing in Zangarmarsh and wanted to be alone, he’d chosen the right place.  There had been too many lakes, too many places with water, and way too many places with mud.  Aeramin was glad he had rented the dragonhawk and did not have to try to walk in it, but even with a dragonhawk, it was impossible to check them all.  He worried too, that he might miss an important small clue as he flew overhead, but that was not enough to change his mind and walk in the mud.  As night neared, he crossed a pass through the hills into Nagrand.

He had stayed at an orc town there.  The inn was open with mats on the ground for the guests, but it was cheap.  Aeramin had decided to stay two nights, then he would have a complete day to search the rivers and lakes of Nagrand for Sath’alor, before setting out to check the next area.

He had not expected to see demons.  Not here.

He marked his position, or at least, what he thought was his position, on the map.  He peeked around the tree again.  They were still there.  Most were simple engineers and tinkerers, but some felguards were patrolling the outer edges of the blackened area.

He turned, reaching back into his bag for one of his books.  Chapter Eight.  He had read this one enough, especially recently.  He began re-reading it, again, quickly, flipping through the pages until he came to what he was looking for.  Enslaving a demon before binding it.  He glanced at the bag.  He hadn’t brought the one with those supplies, having left it at the inn thinking he could travel light today.  Nor had he researched the felguard enough.  He didn’t know what it would want.  They always wanted something.  There was always a deal to be made.

He frowned, peeking around the tree once more.  A felguard walked by him, not more than thirty feet from where he hid.  He wanted it.  Perhaps he could come back later.  One thing was sure, he had to read more about them first, and he’d have to bring his supplies with him next time.

He stuffed his book back into his backpack and quickly made his way back to where the dragonhawk waited for him.  He had more lakes to check for Sath’alor.


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