Aeramin – The Search for a Ranger: Terokkar Forest

Aeramin Firewind walked along the river in Terokkar Forest.  The tall spiny trees towered around him, creating a dense canopy over the forest floor.  He was in luck that, at ground level, viewing distance was quite far.  The trees were spread far enough apart, and few bushes or other tall plants grew beneath their thick cover.

However, he had seen no sign of the missing ranger, neither through the trees nor in tracks in the mud along the river.  He had run into a couple of angry basilisks along the way, but he had seen no one else, and any prints in the mud had been animals.  He supposed the hoofprints he had seen further west might have been made by one of the draenei, but they wouldn’t know where Sath’alor was.

He would occasionally call out for Sath.  Even if he doubted the ranger would answer, it seemed like the thing to do when looking for someone.

He continued walking along the river.  He was nearing the area where he had first called Gibrik.  He knew of other demons in other parts of Outland.  The library had a nice catalog of them that he had read through on his first visit to Shattrath.  They could be found roaming free in some areas.

He recalled the things he had read about binding an existing demon.  It was easier than calling one from the nether for the first time without a name or trying to find out the name of one before you call it, but it was much more trickier and a lot more dangerous.  One could, however, choose which one to bind.  He had thought of it briefly before.  Now, he was thinking about it again.

He recalled flying over some on the way to the Sanctum of the Stars in Shadowmoon Valley, as well as the ones in Hellfire Peninsula.  The problem was the lack of water in those areas.  Kestrae and Isandri had stated that he would be found where there was water to fish in, and game to hunt.  Both Shadowmoon Valley and Hellfire Peninsula were unlikely places for either activity.

He had gone to the library again since arriving here.  Mostly for maps.  He had discovered that there was water in both places, although it was heavily tainted.  One map warned of fel flame elementals that wandered the pools in Shadowmoon Valley.  Another marked terrorfiends and dangerous oozelings near the water in Hellfire Peninsula.  He did have an obligation to make an effort to look for Sath’alor, for Kestrae.  Thus any search near water in Hellfire or Shadowmoon would be secondary to searches near clean, untainted water.

He reached the end of the river, where the water rushed down a steep slope, eventually dropping off the edge of the broken world.  He had seen no sign of the ranger at all.  His plan was to rent a dragonhawk to search the marsh tomorrow, then Nagrand the day after.  If he still hadn’t found Sath’alor by that time, then perhaps he could work in visits to places for his personal interests.



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