Aeramin – Aeramin’s Notes

  • Once again, I find myself in Shattrath when I should be looking non-stop for Sanimir.
  • I’ve cried.  I’ll probably cry more.  I miss him so much.
  • I’m staying here really cheap.  I’ve rented a tent.
  • I brought my work with me.  I’ll be able to keep doing that when I’m not looking.
  • I should have stood up for Kes more.  I guess that’s kind of why I’m here and not on a boat to the new land.
  • Who is Isandri to sit there and tell Kes what she does and doesn’t feel?  I wanted to smack that little tart.  I didn’t.  It’s not my place to, nor do I want to be anything like Arancon was.
  • Of course all the talk about it upset Kes.  It was ugly how rude Isandri was being.
  • And that’s when I started thinking maybe Sanimir needs to know how it feels.  Kes deserves to have someone look for Sath, even if he’s the one who left, again.  It is alarming that his family hasn’t heard from him.
  • Makes me wonder why his father doesn’t go after him.  Maybe it’s something he pulls on a regular basis… like someone else I know.  Of course, I think Sanimir’s father might care enough to do something, if he knew.
  • I’m getting fed up with the disappearing acts.
  • I hope he comes back from the new land okay.  He is an adult.  He can take care of himself.  Maybe he needs to do this to prove that or something stupid like that.
  • I should have just walked out of the lounge when Isandri came in.
  • I should give up on trying to be her friend.  It’s obviously not going to happen, no matter how much she likes Sanimir.
  • I went back with Muffins to see if Kes or Isandri would watch him.  Isandri was still being ugly.  I decided I didn’t want her watching Muffins.  I also decided I should leave immediately before I said anything that wouldn’t help.
  • It’s really not going to happen.
  • I’m not looking for him for her.  I’m looking for him for Kes.
  • I probably won’t find him.  I’ll probably only get lost myself.
  • No one will come looking for me.  I’m just that brat from Murder Row.  Sanimir might come for Muffins.
  • When he gets back.
  • If he gets back.
  • My mother doesn’t remember me.  My boyfriend runs off.  My instructor needs time off herself.  Every friend I try to make, spits me out like trash.
  • Maena will probably die before I get back.  She won’t miss me.  She doesn’t remember me.
  • I’m still sick.

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