Sanimir – The Start of a Journey

Sanimir Lightmist woke early, as he had hoped he would.  The first signs of daylight peaked around the blanket hanging in the window next to the bed.  Sanimir sat up, and leaning over, placed a hand lightly on Aeramin’s forehead.  He was cool.  The fever had passed.  That meant he should be feeling better when he woke.

Sanimir crawled out of bed carefully as to not wake Aeramin.  He quickly got dressed while packing some of his other robes in his bag.  He had been waiting for Aeramin to feel better, but he knew if he was to ask about this, the answer would be no.  He would have to do this on his own.  Aeramin had too much work keeping him here, and that was part of the reason Sanimir wanted to go.  He’d be able to earn a lot being one of the first mages to the new continent.  Aeramin wouldn’t have to work so much then, and they’d be able to afford more things and spend more time together.  Maybe Aeramin would be a little less grumpy then too.

Of course, Sanimir expected he’d be very grumpy about the idea, no matter how it was presented, but he thought he would be less grumpy after he saw how much gold the portals to the new land could bring in.  However, he couldn’t show how much gold could be made without going there first, and if Aeramin knew what he planned, he wouldn’t get to go at all.

He had already asked about passage to the new continent.  The answers were always the same.  He would have to go through Orgrimmar, but those who claimed to know said the cost wasn’t much for passage from there.  He had saved enough from what Aeramin had given him for the week.  He should have enough.  Hopefully he would have enough to secure travel to a town after he arrived there.  People generally didn’t like their portals to drop them off in the middle of nowhere.

He picked his bag up, glancing once more at the elf sleeping in bed.  He would miss him.  “I love you.” he whispered before slipping out of the room.

He took two books off the bookshelf and put them on top of the clothes in his bag.  He didn’t want to get bored during the trip.  He bent down and patted a young, dark cat.  “I’ll miss you too, Muffins.  Aeramin will take good care of you.  I won’t be gone too long.”

He got up and sat at the table.  He began to write:

Dear Aeramin,

I know you’re probably going to be upset about this, but I have to go.  I didn’t want to fight with you about it.  You work all the time and you’re always tired.  So I have to go so I can make money too.  I feel useless reading all day while you work.

I love you,

He left the paper on the table, and after bending to pat the cat once more, slipped out the door.


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