Latahlali – Diary Book

Dear Diary Book,

Raleth wants to move.  He’s all freaked out because a sentinel showed up at our door.  Okay, I am a little too, but I’m so tired of moving around all the time.  I wish it was like when I was little.  I might have went sometimes with the tauren tribes, but I always had a place to come home too.  I mean, home was a tent on a hill, but that tent on that hill didn’t move until the orcs came.

I wish they never had come.  I wish everyone would stop fighting.  I don’t want to move.  I like Dalaran.  It’s where I met Raleth, and I’m still learning.  I mean, I know there are libraries in other places and everything, but I think it’s still safe here.  So what if sentinels know where I am.  I live here and if they try to take me, I can call the guards.  This isn’t Ashenvale.  This is Dalaran.

I do get a little bored being stuck inside most of the day.  I could go out, but it’s safer in.  I miss everyone at the lounge, especially Kes.  Maybe I could go out one of these evenings to see her, or maybe she’d like to come here.  She’s my best friend.

Makota is my other best friend.  I haven’t heard from her in a while either.  I hope nothing happened in Mulgore.  I guess it really wouldn’t be safe for me to go visit her now.

I didn’t tell Raleth, but I think I can feel Potato moving.  The healers said it would feel like a flutter, so it’s either him or gas, and really, I never get gas so it must be him.  But, they also said that I’d be the only one able to feel him moving for about a month or so, until he gets bigger and I start showing more.

I’m not sure if the sentinel noticed Potato or not.  I told her to tell Vael that I want to talk to him.  She said she’d tell him.  I guess they’re rounding everyone up and trying to get them closer to towns so they’re not alone in the forest.  The sentinels can better protect them there.  I guess they think the orcs will attack there again next.  I hope they don’t.  I don’t want to lose my grandfather too.  Maybe he’ll try living somewhere in Northrend again so he’ll be safer.  I don’t know what was wrong with Sholazar Basin or why he felt he had to go.  Maybe he did something there.


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