Sanimir – Sanimir’s Notes

  • Aeramin didn’t feel good the other night and left the lounge early.  I thought he was just tired because he works all the time and everything, but then yesterday morning, he was running a fever.
  • He kept saying he was cold, but he was burning up.  I think Kes might have been a little sick a week or so ago, so I guess he got it.
  • I took care of him.  I conjured soup, but he said it wasn’t like real soup.  I tried to make real soup.  I don’t know if it really was very good.  I don’t think it was, but he said he liked it.  He didn’t eat it all, but he said that was because he’s sick.
  • He slept in the afternoon.  I decided I’d run some errands then.  I went to the herbalist.  She said earthroot could help with nausea and icecap could help lower his fever.  He had complained that his throat was sore.  She gave me an elixir for that but said if it didn’t help then he should see the healers here.
  • I’ve been curious and he doesn’t want anyone to go with him, but my name is on Maena’s visitor list so I went to see her.  I figured it would be good for her to have a visit because I was sure Aeramin wasn’t going to that day.  He was too sick.
  • So I saw her.  The priestess said she’s rapidly getting worse.  She doesn’t think she’ll live longer than three more months.
  • Maena looked fine at first, until she tried to stand up.  She was very unbalanced.  I helped her to her chair by the window.  She didn’t say much to me.  She asked a few times why I was there.  I told her to visit, and she asked who I am or why I want to visit.  She didn’t remember my answers from ten minutes before.
  • I guess Aeramin has a good reason to be grumpy lately.
  • Kes gave him some time off from learning.  I was worried because he was talking about not learning from her anymore because of Sath.  He can’t teach himself.  Kes said he’d wind up dead if he tried.
  • I’m glad she’s teaching him.  She said if he had been tested and placed with someone else they probably would have put him out by now because of his attitude, but he’s very strong in it with what he does.
  • He does like to debate everything.
  • He was still a little sick this morning but he said he was feeling better.  I hope he’s well enough to go with me to the faire soon!
  • I saw Vallindra the other night too.  I was starting to wonder if she was still in the city.  She wants to go to the new land that everyone’s talking about but said she’d probably have to take a boat or a zeppelin.
  • Then I thought if I’m one of the first mages to go there and then I’m able to make portals there, I bet I could make a lot of money making portals for people who want to visit or go study things, like ley-lines or rocks or whatever.  Then Aeramin wouldn’t have to work all the time because I’d be making more money and I’d be able to contribute more.
  • Maybe after Aeramin is better and we go to the faire.

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