OOC – 90

I was sick and slow yesterday.  I thought about taking a screenshot just as the little notice went away, but Jaeyn did hit 90 on Sunday afternoon.  This morning, I started going back to get his zone achievements.  So here he is, flying around on his drake, finishing up Jade Forest at 90.

I’ve also decided to reinstate him as my main, so long as our raid team can handle the switch.  I’ve started working on Jaellynn, just in case.  I’m going in all zen about it as his rolls on loot have always bit the big one.  As long as I don’t have to go 16 weeks without an upgrade while everyone else gets theirs (Yes, this actually happened, shortly after wotlk released)…  I don’t mind waiting for loot, but three and a half months of rolling and not winning does get a little frustrating.

Now, off to finish Kasarang Wilds!


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