Sanimir – Notes

  • I got my things from Xyliah’s apartment.  It’s hers now.  There wasn’t much.  Just some furniture, books and clothes.  I left some things, but the things I brought were things we actually needed.
  • I made sure to get Aeramin’s chair too.
  • He wants to put his chair in the bedroom, and he wants to get one of those bookshelves with doors so he can hide his books and read in private.
  • I guess it’s a good idea to hide them.  I don’t like them in the bedroom, but there isn’t anywhere else.  It would be nice to have a study, but the main room is big enough and we can’t afford a place with a separate room.
  • I don’t worry because the circus isn’t dangerous.
  • Or studying dragons.
  • I guess Aeramin is right.  I should believe something believable.
  • But he was cute on the elekk.  I guess I could still imagine it without believing it.
  • Kestrae said that Aeramin should take me to the faire.  I think she should come too.  I should ask Isandri if she wants to go.  I bet she would have fun there too!
  • I found my swimming shorts.
  • Aeramin said he might be too busy.
  • I feel like he’s doing all the work, but I can’t think of anything else that I can do yet.  I’m working on writing new spells, but it can take decades of study.  I need to study faster.
  • I put up an ad for portals in the library on the board there.  Maybe someone will ignore the 15 other ads up for portals and contact me instead.
  • It’s not easy to find work making portals when you live in a city full of mages.
  • I talked to Aeramin about a lot of things.  I didn’t know he had girlfriends before.  He said there were two and he called it a phase.
  • I don’t want any phases.
  • I asked him how his mother was.  He didn’t want to answer and when he did, he cried a little.  I could tell he was trying not to.
  • He said she doesn’t remember him and hasn’t for a week or so now.  She’s forgotten who he is before but it was brief.  This is the longest she’s gone without remembering him.
  • I don’t know what to do when he cries.  He was trying to pretend he wasn’t, but I knew.  I tried to hug him and he pulled away and said he had work to do.
  • Isandri thought he was older.  If I didn’t know better, I would think so too.  I feel immature around him sometimes.
  • I still haven’t heard from my parents.  At least I know they’re alive and healthy.


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2 responses to “Sanimir – Notes

  1. Only if all the boys get those little shorts lol

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