Aeramin – Aeramin’s Notes

  • He was hung over all of yesterday.  He drank way too much the night before.  It was his birthday.
  • I couldn’t afford much for him.  I don’t think that was why he got drunk.
  • I got him cake.  He kept saying he was going to conjure cake.  It’s his birthday, he deserves a real cake.  I got one.  I think he liked it.
  • I also got some expensive wine.  I’ve never bought wine that cost so much before.  I think Kes could probably tell.  I’m not sure how well Isandri or Sanimir know their wines.
  • He kept drinking after the wine was gone, until I asked him for his drink and told him he shouldn’t have anymore.
  • I had another gift for him, but I couldn’t give it to him in front of Kes and Isandri.  I wound up giving it to him last night because he was so drunk the night before.
  • He slept on Kes’s couch that night.  I really wasn’t comfortable with him sleeping there, even though I had been staying in the guest room.
  • I have rules set up with him, and myself, about the things I do.  Kes doesn’t.  I think that’s the big thing with my unease with him staying there…  that and I didn’t want him to be sick on her floor.
  • He managed to keep it in the bucket.
  • I cleaned the bucket.
  • Kes only had to deal with hearing him whine about his headache for a short time.
  • I made breakfast, and ate with Kes.  He wasn’t hungry, which was probably good because it would have just wound up in the bucket.
  • I dragged him to the appointment to visit the apartment after that.  He kept fussing on the way there about the sun being too bright.  I got impatient and told him he just turned 92 and he should act like it.
  • I think he got mad at me, but he was quieter.
  • And I think he forgot to stay mad at me.
  • The apartment is perfect.
  • It’s a bit small.
  • But it’s perfect otherwise.  We both agreed on it.
  • The bedroom is small but makes good use of the space.  There’s a raised platform for a mattress and some drawers underneath.  At the end of the platform is a closet to hang our robes in.
  • The bathroom also is not very big.
  • The main room has counter space lining one wall, a cooking area, and the rest is open.  There will be enough room for everything we want to get, when we get it.
  • A table, chairs, couch, bookcase, and everything.
  • I think the first thing we need is a mattress.  We do have blankets.  We arranged them there last night for our first night in the apartment.
  • I’m planning to buy a mattress.  I have the money.  I won’t have to wait to find one that someone wants to throw away.  I finished the invitations for the one person and he paid the rest of what was due.  I’m working on some more now, and the book.  After we get settled in the apartment, I can return to the library and work on the translation as well.
  • I’ll probably have to keep a very tight schedule over the next few months.  Practice, lessons, work and more work.
  • I’m not worried about that.  I’m worried that I won’t be able to spend enough time with Sanimir.  I’m worried what could happen if I don’t.
  • He’s excited about getting Muffins and bringing him ‘home’.  Maybe I worry too much sometimes.
  • He enjoyed the other gift.  I did too.

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