Aeramin – Letters

(( A note slipped under the door of Kestrae’s room at the inn in Shadowmoon Valley very early in the morning. ))


I wanted to let you know that I won’t be around for breakfast this morning, but I will be back in time for instruction.  I have to make a trip to Shattrath to buy some supplies for some of the new spells I would like to try.  I’ll also pick up more wine.  I hope to be able to find the kind we had last night again.

I’m looking forward to trying the new spells.  I’ve practiced the others, and feel I have mastered them.  I would really like to try the imp spell.  I’ve studied every book I could find about it.  I’ve worked on the base shadow spell.  All I need to do is adjust it for the imps.

I know you’ll worry that I’m skipping breakfast.  I’ll be meeting with a friend to eat before returning.

We need some time to talk in private.  Maybe Embersun will take off in a fit again.

– Aeramin


(( A letter addressed to Hethurin Fairsong at the inn of Falcon Watch.  Sent from the Sanctum of the Stars mid-morning. ))

My Love,

I know we just saw each other.  I don’t know when else I’ll have time to write today, and I did promise you a letter.  I will miss you so much tonight, but I suppose it will look better if I’m actually sleeping here at the Sanctum.  Which is why I wasn’t able to meet with you until early morning today.  I need to be here, especially when your sister is looking for you.  Again, I’m sorry you were up all night waiting for me.  I truly did not mean to worry you.

I’m having a lesson and some practice today.  I promise that I’ll be careful.

I will try to write again tonight, but I may be tired.  With luck, your sister won’t be staying here much longer, and I’ll be able to come to see you more.  I’m sure she’s watching me.



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