Vallindra – Vallindra’s Notes

  • Things are going well so far.
  • There is a known ley-line that runs through the ruins of Baa’ri.  I went there first.  There were some nasty creatures around the area, but Fnar easily disposed of them.
  • I’d like to find out more about Baa’ri.  What was it like before?  Places built on ley-lines often have some significance, even if only to the people in the surrounding area.
  • There were some large demons there.  They had horns and tails.
  • There were also some elekks.  I thought it was another type of demon at first.  I’m used to seeing them with saddles and such for riding.  These were bare.
  • We were able to stay clear of the demons and despite much of the ruins being buried, I found evidence of an intersecting ley-line in the area.  I wrote down the location and did some quick math.
  • I followed the projected path of it to an area where it might be less buried.  I could feel its power, but it felt wrong.  I took notes of the location and the intersection with the other to send back to Dalaran.
  • The fel taint in this area is extraordinarily high.  You can feel it in the air around you.  It seeps from the ground.  I wouldn’t be surprised if all of the ley-lines here were tainted with it.
  • The second place was the Deathforge.  Of course, we didn’t go in it, but the area around it is one of the places I had to check.  From one spot, we could see into the area below.  They have some shadowy orbs and green felfire burning over an entrance into the canyon wall.  We also saw an orc walking around with an imp.  We both agreed that we were probably too close.  I could conduct my survey of the area a bit further away.
  • I did read that they produce infernals there.
  • They’re obviously doing something there, and I wasn’t keen on asking them about it, so it was best we kept our distance.
  • I found evidence of a lesser ley-line in the area, but it wasn’t exactly where I had originally predicted, and it’s trajectory seemed off.
  • It may be due to what happened to the world here.  I highly doubt it’s natural.
  • It was strong enough that I could detect its power just walking along it.  I asked Fnar to stay at one point along it while I followed it to another point.  It seems to curve a bit.
  • Our stay at it was cut short by an angry felboar.  I had to cast invisibility and let Fnar handle that.  Luckily he didn’t get impaled or anything.  He said he was all right, but I know men typically like to hide their wounds and pretend that they’re brave, or something.
  • We went back to the Sanctum of the Stars after that.  I had a letter waiting for me, forwarded to me from the inn in Shattrath.  Mother wants me to check Dalaran for Sanimir.  The little brat has apparently run off.  Just what I need.
  • Hopefully, I can finish up here tomorrow.  For now I can just pretend that I haven’t gotten her letter yet.

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