Xyliah – Diary

Dear Diary,

It’s been a very interesting day.  It started out in a very distracting manner.  It was a wonderful type of distracting.  Every morning should be like that.

I received the letter I had been waiting for, almost too late and it didn’t didn’t me anything that I didn’t already know.  Useless.

Berwick and I left for Silvermoon around lunch time.  We had lunch there before he left for the inn to see if there were rooms and I went to take care of my stuff.  I went to see Yara first.  She’s doing really well and was so happy to see me.  Father was around for a little bit before going back to his shop.  I told him things between Sanimir and I weren’t going well at all and that I rarely knew where he was.  I tried to still appear to be on the fence about it.  It was really difficult not to tell him about Berwick.  I know he’d be so happy for us… if I weren’t married.

Thankfully, that won’t be a problem soon.

I went to the Lightmist home late in the afternoon.  Sanimir was there.  His mother said she was relieved to see me.  I don’t think she felt that way for long.  I told her right then that Sanimir and I weren’t getting along, while one of his sisters went to get him from his room.  I mentioned that we spent a great deal of time apart, and I was sure she was fuming inside.  The way she looked at me…  I’m sure she would have killed me if it weren’t for her darling daughters present.

They had him silenced or something.  He wasn’t able to talk.  Anyway, she then told me that he said he was telling everyone that he was in love with a guy.  I glanced at him and I saw a slight shake of his head.  I understood.  He told them I didn’t know.

So, acting time!  Of course I was so surprised!  And I was sure to mention how he had never slept with me, not even on the wedding night.  I saw him smile a couple of times when his mother wasn’t looking at him.

He took all the blame.

His father joined the discussion at some point.  At the end, he told me that I didn’t have to stay married to Sanimir.  I agreed and said I’d have a hard time having kids if he only sleeps with guys.  He gave Sanimir one of those looks, then he told me that he was sorry for all the trouble caused and that he hoped that seeing my sister walk again would be enough to repay me.

He’s still going to see her for her follow ups, free of charge, and is going with Sanimir and I tomorrow to get the marriage annulled.

I felt a little bad for Sanimir’s mother.  She was crying when I left.  I don’t like her, but I guess I can understand how upsetting it must be to her.

I left to go home to tell my father.  I was a few houses away when one of Sanimir’s sisters ran up beside me.  She slowed just long enough to hand me a folded paper, then continued jogging.  I didn’t open it there, but curiosity got to me before I got home.  I unfolded it after turning a few more corners.  All it said was ‘Thank you and good luck. -Sanimir’.

I’m eager to see Berwick so I can tell him everything.



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