Aeramin – Letter and Notes


I’m sorry for writing this like this to you, but we can’t see each other anymore.  Know that every moment we shared will always be special to me.  I love you and I still do.  I love you, but I have to let you go for your own safety.

I don’t want to see you anymore.  I hate you and I never cared for you.  You’re driving me nuts.  Don’t write and don’t look for me.

There’s no easy way to say this and I’m horrible for putting it in a letter but, I’m not a good person and you deserve someone so much more better than me.  I don’t want you to come looking for me.  It’s dangerous, and I want no harm to come to you.  Please stay away from me.  This is for your own good.  I’ll come get my stuff out of the apartment in a few days and leave Muffins with either Isandri or Xyliah or whoever I can find at the moment.

I’m sorry.



  • I wrote the letter.
  • He’ll only be safe away from me.  I tried to make that clear without going into detail.  I don’t know who else will read it.
  • I started out way too honest so I crossed that off and started again.  He would have come running here if he got that.
  • Then I had to cross off the second try.  It was untrue and too cruel.  While it would have worked to keep him away, it would have hurt him far too much.
  • The third try will hurt, but I think not too much and I emphasized my point.

Other notes:

  • I practiced earlier.  I’m getting much better at the new spells.  I think Kes was off practicing with her imp Wilksillins or whatever it’s name is.  It’s a ridiculous name.
  • She might have been in the library or something too.  Xanaroth thought she ran off with Sath somewhere.
  • I know that didn’t happen.
  • I’ve been reading a lot about the imp spell too.  I found another book with it.  They’re both old books, but the second one gives a list of precautions to take.  I’m more and more interested in trying it.
  • I already can summon two imps.  Why not more?
  • I finished a few more invitations earlier for my work too.  I’m running a little ahead of schedule on them.
  • I took the feathers for the bounty on the bad bird men.  The pay is okay.  I guess I’ll practice on them.  They didn’t ask about the singed feathers, so I guess they don’t care how.
  • I bought cupcakes before going back to the inn.  Real cupcakes.  I ate them in front of Xanaroth.  They were good.
  • I keep telling myself the pain will go away.  The pain will go away.  I try to be happy knowing he’s safe from anything I do.
  • He’s safe.

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