Aeramin – Aeramin’s Notes

  • The past few days have been busy.  Sanimir arrived with Kes the other night after attending Thero and Isandri’s wedding.  I hadn’t been invited so I didn’t go.  I’m glad Sanimir’s okay.  He’s forgiven me.  I think he understands what my other option was at the time.
  • Well, my only other perceived option.
  • I’ve had a couple of people contact me about the ad I put on the board in the library.  I guess Maena had been right.  The calligraphy lessons weren’t a waste of time.
  • I could make more money, faster money, doing other things.  I don’t really like doing those things.  I don’t want to put Sanimir at risk in any way at all.
  • Not to mention, he would be terribly unhappy with me if I did that.
  • We went to Dalaran this morning.  I was able to meet with both of the people who sent inquiries.  I got all the specifics and the deadlines.  One of them wants a book that they wrote copied into an elaborate script and the other has invitations to a fall party that need to be done.
  • I have work!
  • Sanimir’s excited for me.  I reminded him that he’ll have to leave me time to work in the morning.  I might have some time after practice on some days too.
  • Maybe I should have reminded him that I will also need sleep at night.
  • He kept waking me up last night to tell me that he couldn’t sleep, so I wound up not sleeping so well.  That is partially my fault.
  • The ‘relaxing’ tea that I’ve been giving him at lunch is a little too effective.  Maybe the shop thought I was getting it for me.  He weighs a little less, despite being taller.  Either that or Shattrath isn’t a good place to buy relaxing tea.
  • It’s best if he’s too tired to follow me to practice.  He’s been stressed out and tense a lot during the past weeks too.  It’s really for his own good, but having him sleep all afternoon and far into the evening, isn’t what I had in mind.
  • I stopped by the herbalist in Dalaran and got a different blend.  I mentioned it was for a friend who weighs less and that it shouldn’t be too strong.  Hopefully, this will work better.
  • I went to visit my mother too.  She has no concept of how long I was gone for.  She thought it was a day or two.  I was worried that she would think I had abandoned her there.  I guess I don’t have to worry about that.
  • She still remembers Sanimir.
  • She kept talking about the park like she wanted to visit it.  I would have taken her, but we had to get back soon for our lunch and then my practice right after.  I’ll plan some extra time with my next visit to her.  If she’s doing well, I’ll take her then.
  • Practice went well.  I’ve started to play around with the idea of trying the other spells.  I don’t think Kes wants me to just yet.  She is teaching me, so I will trust her judgement on that.
  • She’s planning to try for a new imp too.  I’ve worked a little with Gibrik.  He’s not too bad to handle.  I’d like to try calling Rupyap again, but I don’t want to get another unbound demon.
  • Sanimir wants to go with us when we go on our trip.  He kept telling me that Xanaroth said there was an inn and that Xanaroth said he could stay there.  Xanaroth also told him it was possible to stop training, so then he tells me that I don’t have to go.
  • I can’t believe Xanaroth told him that.  When you bind a demon, it is not only bound to you, but you to it.  I had to explain it to Sanimir.  I don’t think I did a very good job.  I was afraid of scaring him.
  • I think he understands now.  It would be dangerous for me to stop.  He did point out that continuing was also dangerous.  He said I could get killed by a demon and he doesn’t want that to happen.
  • I don’t want that to happen either, but stopping would be more dangerous than continuing.
  • The two I can summon now are less dangerous than the others.
  • I could choose not to summon any others, but these two are bound to me.  There is no backing out now.  I am a warlock.
  • I’m interested in summoning some of the others, anyway.
  • There were some strange people in the inn last night.  Some old, feeble-minded Highborne brought in a sick common kaldorei.  She said she was going to spread her knees right there.
  • I think it scared Sanimir.  Honestly, I didn’t want to see it either.
  • The old guy said he just wanted to protect her.  Yeah, a sick kaldorei in an inn full of blood elves is safe.  If Sanimir were sick, the last thing I’d do is climb a tree and chat with a bunch of big purple people while he suffered.
  • Especially odd behavior, considering I told the old guy shortly after they came in that there was a first aid station in the lower city.
  • Then he started rambling.  My mother does that sometimes.  I bet he’s got the same thing.  They said it’ll kill her eventually.  There’s nothing that can be done to help it either.
  • He finally left to find the healers.
  • Sanimir conjured cupcakes for everyone.  He needs to cut back on the conjured food.  He’s too skinny.

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