Xyliah – Letter to Berwick


Dearest Berwick,

I’m sorry I was unable to stay longer.  My father really needs help this week with Yara and the shop.  I really miss you.  Father said he has hired someone, but she won’t be available until mid-week, so my help is needed until then.  After that I may be able to make it back to Dalaran.

Yara is doing very well.  She can’t move at all right now because everything they healed is still healing.  She is in a cast covering most of her body, and so she needs help with everything, even eating.  They did the work on her back and her hips, arms and legs.  She’s looking forward to walking again.  She said it hurts a lot less now, and every day is a little better.  She even smiled earlier today.

My father has been going to the shop even on weekends.  He’s still paying what is owed for the emergency work Yara needed done earlier this summer right after they found her.  She’s said she plans to stay closer to home for her work.  I won’t let them send her to Desolace again.

They did ask where Sanimir was when I went there to be with Yara for her surgery.  I told them he wanted to stay in Dalaran and study.  They bought it.  I had already told my father that I did go to Vessen’s wedding, but we had to leave almost as soon as we got there.  I added the part about having a problem with my dress.  Thanks!  No one’s questioned it so far.  It’s good to know Sanimir did actually go for a little bit.  It makes the story more believable if people saw him there at least.

Vessen is still on his vacation with Nessna.  I worry that I’ll complicate things for them when I ask for an annulment, but I hope they both understand.  I like Nessna, and Vessen loves her, so they both should understand how Sanimir and I just aren’t working out.

Yesterday, I talked to my father a bit about it, and I was a bit honest with him about how things were going.  I don’t want any marriage annulment in my future to be a shock for him, so I’ve started letting him know that things aren’t very good.  I’ll ease him into it.

I’m more worried about how my in-laws will take it, since Vessen married his sister.  Again, I don’t want to cause problems for them.

I’d love to go with you on the next trip!  Father appreciated the furs and leathers I brought back and he gave me some gold for them.  It was only half of what he would normally pay, but he asked me where I got them.  I lied and told him I found them cheap, so I couldn’t really ask for much for them.  I don’t think he’s ready to hear the truth.  Like I said, I have to ease him into knowing that Sanimir and I just aren’t going to be the happy couple he hoped.

I miss having frog drink with you.  Save some for me!  I’ll be back in a few days!



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