Sanimir – Going Home

Sanimir Lightmist woke late in the morning to the sound of pounding waves and seagulls calling out as they fought over a morsel of fish.  He got up, still wearing his night robe, and pushed aside the thin curtain that covered the doorway.  He thought mornings were always beautiful here.  The row of rooms where he was staying had nothing to block the view of the bay.  This would be his last morning here, at least for a couple of days.  Maybe he’d come back.  He wasn’t sure yet.  He closed the curtain briefly to get dressed.  He had brought one of his old apprentice robes, but was convinced by one of the goblins that he needed a shirt and pants.  The same goblin happened to have some for sale, in his size.

He didn’t really want to leave just yet.  It was nicer here.  No one told him what he had to do, and when he told one of the goblins that he was going to be 92 soon, they were impressed and called him old!  Maybe he would come back after the weekend was over.  A lot depended on how things went over the next few days.

He had a wedding to attend tomorrow.  He would have to talk to the bride and groom, who were also his employers, about his job.  He wanted to be able to continue, and he might need the money, but again that depended on how things went over the next few days.  He was excited for the two of them, and wanted to be there.  Isandri was one of his best friends now.  He was sure it would be a beautiful wedding.

He would have to talk to Xyliah as well.  He had noted she hadn’t shown up at the wedding on Wednesday.  Of course, he had not been there very long himself.  Perhaps she had shown up when he wasn’t there.  Nessna and Vessen, the newlywed couple, had asked where she was.  He had simply answered that she was around somewhere.  It wasn’t a lie.  He didn’t know exactly where she was so she was around somewhere, and there were enough people there that they didn’t question it.

He missed Aeramin.  He wasn’t sure what he would say to him.  A lot of things depended on how this weekend went.

At least it would be easier getting here next time.  He had been so tired that morning when he teleported first to Dalaran to grab a few things, then to Silvermoon where he gave the dragonhawk handler a coin purse and asked how far the dragonhawks could fly.  He wound up in Booty Bay.  It had been a long ride, especially for someone who was upset and hadn’t slept.  He fell asleep immediately upon getting a room rented for the week.

At first, he wasn’t sure what to make of the town.  It smelled heavily of fish.  It looked like a pile of shacks built on each other, over water.  None of which seemed like a very good idea to him, but as the week went on, he discovered he rather liked it.  Sure there were some rough types in town, but no one had bothered him.  He had gotten used to the fish smell.

The locals were mostly goblins, with a few humans and some other races as well.  He hadn’t seen many other elves.  That didn’t matter, almost everyone here knew common.  He could talk to them all.

He buttoned his shirt and put on his hat before stepping out onto the wooden walkway that ran along the side of the row of rooms.  He carried his small bag with the rest of the stuff he had brought with him.  It was time to check out and go home.



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