Aeramin – Aeramin’s Notes

  • I haven’t heard from Sanimir yet.  I don’t know if he went somewhere and something happened, or he just doesn’t want to see me.
  • I’m more distracted as time goes on.  Earlier this week, I was able to concentrate well.
  • I cried.  I’ve been hiding in my room most of the day.  The last thing I need is Xanaroth saying something about it.
  • I cried last night too.  I don’t think they noticed.  Or they didn’t say anything.
  • The more time that passes, the more inclined I am to believe he doesn’t want to see me again.
  • But then I wonder if something didn’t happen to him.  I didn’t check the Azure Dragonshrine.  What if he went there again, or somewhere else where he could have gotten hurt?
  • Then I’m sitting here in Shattrath when I should be looking non-stop for him.
  • It’s really difficult to read today.
  • Then there was the summoning when we went to practice.  I don’t know where Rupyap is.  Maybe Gibrik ate him.
  • I’m not worried about that stupid little imp.  I’m not.
  • I was starting to get used to him.
  • I don’t know if it’s something I did wrong, or if it’s because we’re in Outland, but I’ve never seen an imp with wings.  Gibrik has wings.
  • After I summoned him, he immediately checked the confines of his circle while the three of us checked him out.  He was not expected.  He didn’t want to give up his name either.  He was probably looking for a way to trick me into letting him out of his circle before being bound.
  • I’ve been practicing my spells there too.  I’m getting pretty good with the new ones.  I went out there today and practiced for a while.
  • Last night, I found out Vallindra is still in Shattrath.  She’s staying at the same inn.  She’s apparently going to Shadowmoon Valley and has been reading some books that make the others think she might be one of us.
  • No one’s sure yet, and with her, I’d rather be sure than sorry for mentioning it to her.  Especially when you consider her brother is missing, which she seems to be clueless about.
  • She mentioned going to her sister’s wedding.  She didn’t say he wasn’t there.  She didn’t ask me where he was.  If she knew he was missing, I’d expect she’d ask me first, unless she just assumed I was in Shattrath all that time.  She didn’t ask.  Did he go to his sister’s wedding?
  • Did Xyliah go?  I know she was going with Berwick somewhere.
  • I want to go home to Dalaran just to check if he’s been there or not, but there’s no way I’m teleporting like that.  Not that distance.
  • I’m not homesick.  I just want to check.
  • I’ve been thinking about what I said to Kes about wanting to stay here.  Being what we are is dangerous in Dalaran because it’s illegal there.  Here, while it’s not really accepted, you won’t be arrested unless you cause trouble, I think.  It’s still not something you want to discuss with just anyone.
  • However, I really can’t.  I can’t move my mother again, and I need to be there to visit her.  I hope she’s doing okay this week.  Still, it’s nice to think I could move here.  I’ll probably have to find a new apartment in Dalaran.  I bet the old nasty one isn’t rented.  I could move back there.
  • They have books in the library.  They’re not hidden away in a restricted section and there are a lot of them.
  • If I weren’t upset about other things, I’d be delighted beyond belief.  That might be exaggerating a little.  I’d be really pleased.
  • I’ve been able to look at the selection in the restricted rooms at the library in Dalaran, discreetly.  The library in Shattrath may even have more to choose from.
  • I’ve been reading about some of the other demons.  I want to summon other kinds, but at the same time it worries me.  If imps need a few drops of blood, what do the big ones need?
  • One of the books mentions choosing sacrifices in a moral way.  The opposing side in a war, various cults, prostitutes and homeless, are all “good” for demons.
  • Prostitutes?
  • I’m glad I went to study magic shortly after we found an alternate source of power after what happened to the sunwell.
  • But it makes me wonder, I recall some people who went missing around that time.  Were their souls given to demons?  I’ll have to ask Kes if that really needs to be done.
  • Last night, while eating supper, Xanaroth was talking to Kes and I about his worries about our ex-lovers.
  • I don’t want to think of him as my ex-lover.
  • He hasn’t written yet.
  • Xanaroth tore into Kestrae about Sath.  He practically ripped up one side then down the other.  I don’t suspect Sath would say anything to anyone.  I tried to tell Xanaroth that but he wasn’t listening.
  • I thought he was going to do the same to me about Sanimir, but he didn’t.  Then it dawned on me.
  • He likes Kes.
  • He’s jealous, so of course Sath is a bad guy in his mind because even apart, he still holds Kes’s attention.
  • I’m personally more worried that Sanimir would tell.  I still can’t believe Xanaroth didn’t say anything directly to me about it, even if I’m not anyone to be jealous over.
  • Xanaroth did say something to Kes that struck me hard.
  • “What reason does he have to remain silent?”
  • Sanimir just found out his boyfriend was taking money to be his babysitter for the past few years.  He has no reason to remain silent.  I have betrayed his trust.  What’s to stop him from betraying mine?
  • Nothing.

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