Teniron – Thoughts in the Shop

Teniron Whitemorn set aside his latest batch of earrings.  He had enjoyed the past few hours of working the delicate truesilver wire into intricate swirls that held the teardrop cut sapphires.  He planned to make matching necklaces to go with the earrings, but it would have to wait until tomorrow.

He had been stopping work earlier since Kit moved in.  He hadn’t meant to ask her to move in so soon, but he did despite not meaning to.  He hadn’t regretted it, not exactly.  It had merely caught him off-guard, even if it was his idea.  She was much younger than him.  He was certain the two of them together was already raising some eyebrows.  One of the neighbors had simply stared as she moved her stuff in.

They’re just jealous.  He told himself as he started cleaning his work area.  It made sense to him.  She shouldn’t stay at the inn while in Dalaran, and they could see each other more now.  He was worried that she would change, that she would hate him and become horrible after moving her stuff in.  Although it wasn’t marriage, she lived with him now, at least while she was in Dalaran.  That was his biggest cause for hesitation, not her age.

If she did change, he’d have to ask her to leave, and that wasn’t something he wanted to think about having to do.

He had spoken with her about what his brother said about not going to his brother’s wedding, and then getting an invitation anyway.  She thought he should go.  He wasn’t so sure.  Perhaps he could sit in the back and sneak out before the reception.  Of course, Isandri would likely interpret that as rude.

I don’t want to get punched at a wedding.  That’s not rude.  He frowned as he put the new earrings into the safe where he kept his more valuable supplies and unfinished products.  He could try to leave a note with his gift that he made for them, a set of hairpins for Isandri, and a gold chain necklace in one of the styles Teniron had recently learned for Theronil.  Both were, he thought, some of his best work.  If he included a note that stated he wished he could have stayed wouldn’t be a bad thing.

He’d have to think about it.  There were a few days yet.  Though he supposed he should decide soon so he could get something decent to wear to a wedding, if he did go.  As he locked his workshop for the evening, he wondered if Kit would go with him.



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