Sanimir – Letter to Isandri

(( A letter arrives in Dalaran for Isandri Silverdawn.  It looks like it has traveled far, but has no return address! ))

Dear Isandri,

It will be some time yet before I am back.  I hope Raleth or someone can fill in and make the portals for you.  I want to be there at your wedding because I know you love Theronil and it will be a beautiful day.

I was supposed to go to my sister’s wedding tonight.  Maybe I will, but I don’t think I want to.  Maybe I can sneak in and say I’m happy for her, just to her, without talking to anyone else.  I’m not very happy with my family right now, and I don’t want to talk to most of them.

Would you be able to check Muffins for me?  I don’t know if Aeramin or Xyliah knows how to feed him.  He likes shrimp the best.  Sometimes I give him a little goat’s milk for a treat.  He really likes it.  I miss him.

– Sanimir



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