Vallindra – Notes

  • I have some information that may lead to the discovery of some unknown ley-lines in Shadowmoon Valley.
  • I plotted it all out on the map.  It shouldn’t be too difficult to pinpoint the areas, if they’re there at all.
  • What will be difficult is getting there safely.  I really don’t want to go there, but I need to get some results before the grant runs out.
  • I guess if it did, I could just take on an apprentice, but they just get in the way of my research.
  • So I went to the lower city last night.  I figured I’d have a quick drink at the tavern, meet an adventurer or two, offer them a few gold and have a body-guard set up for when I go.
  • Instead I meet two rangers who work for the same company.  One of their services is providing personal protection.
  • Great, but if I wanted a company, I wouldn’t be in lower city.
  • One of the rangers had a sick cat or something.  He kept trying to give it orc piss water.  I conjured some clear, fresh water for it, but he refused.
  • Whatever man, let your cat die.  Not my business.
  • I felt bad for the cat though.  The least he could do would be to send him home.  Then if he still doesn’t drink anything, at least he’ll die in familiar surroundings.
  • Anyway, he was too ‘busy’ to provide a woman with protection while she went to do her research.  Too bad.  He was cute.
  • The other one kept preaching to me about his company.  I suppose if I find no one else, then the company will work.  The prices are a lot more than I would have offered, but what I would expect from a company.
  • With a company, you’re not just paying one person to work.  You’re paying one person to work and a bunch of people to sit around and organize the people who work.
  • Then he wouldn’t say when someone suitable would be available.  He mentioned taurens and orcs who would be able to do it.  I’d really rather not travel with anything smelly.
  • He had the funniest idea that ley-lines are associated with warlocks.  Oh, I’m sure they seek them out for the power in them too, but they’re certainly not the only ones.  Kaldorei tend to build moonwells on them.  Dalaran was built on a large one.  Teleportation would be nearly impossible without them.
  • I personally believe there’s more to them.  There are the large ones, but then there is the thin web between them all.  These tiny ley-lines can be as thin as a hair, and are spread out all over Azeroth, and likely Outland as well.
  • If Mr. Company Man thinks ley-lines are only associated with warlocks, then I guess his company is willing to help protect people like that.  Makes me think maybe I should just keep looking.  With my luck, he’d send a demon to ‘protect’ me as some kind of stupid joke or something.
  • They have a comedian come into the tavern and do a show.  He was kind of funny.

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