Aeramin – Preparing for a Trip

“It’s morning.  You’re not supposed to be here.”  The woman sitting by the window in her room had barely turned to see who it was before facing the window again.

“I’m your son.  I can visit you in the morning sometimes, Maena.”

“But you don’t.  You shouldn’t be here.”  Maena replied, her eyes scanning the street below her window.

Aeramin frowned.  He had hoped she would be reasonable this morning.  It wasn’t looking good.  “Minn’da, I won’t be able to visit for a few days, so I’m coming to say goodbye this morning.  I’m going on a trip.”

Maena’s ears perked as she turned around to face him this time.  She remained seated.  “A trip?”

“Yes Minn’da.  To Outland.  I won’t be gone too long.”

“Outland?  Isn’t that the place where all the demons are from?”

“I’m going to a library there, Maena.”  Aeramin said, trying to dodge the question about the demons.  “I’ll be in a city most of the time.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to study.”

“How much will it cost?  Your father and I won’t have enough to send you.”

Aeramin blinked, “Minn’da, it’s already paid for.”

“Wonderful!  You have my permission to go.”

He nodded slowly.  She was obviously confused.  He hated days like this.  “Thanks Minn’da.”  He smiled.

He spoke with her a little longer before excusing himself to go finish packing.  He was further saddened upon arriving home.  There was still no sign of Sanimir.  Xyliah and her friend, Berwick, had also left.  She had mentioned that she wouldn’t be around for a few days earlier that morning, while Aeramin was making breakfast.  He had at least woke up in time to have breakfast.

He had spent the greater part of the night looking for Sanimir.  He hoped Kestrae and Xanaroth wouldn’t notice his lack of sleep.  The last thing he needed was to be told he couldn’t go because he wasn’t focused.  True, he had gotten home very late last night, but he could still focus.  He had to.  Perhaps he could fit a nap in before going to meet them.

He started packing his bag.  He’d be able to wear his robes, the ones Sanimir had bought for him.  He carefully folded them and put them in the bag.

He sighed as he took another robe from the closet.  All of Sanimir’s robes hung on the other side.  He had already counted them, and all except the one he wore to the wedding were accounted for.  Aeramin didn’t think he could go too long without his robes.  He recalled the dream he had the night before, after he had finally given up his search for the night.  In the dream, Sanimir had felt so cold.  Aeramin remembered holding him close, warming him against his body.  It had seemed so real at the time, but when he woke this morning, there was no sign that Sanimir had been there at all.

After folding the last robe, he carefully moved aside a hidden panel in the closet.  Three books were in the small area behind the panel.  He took one out and packed it in his bag between two of his robes.

Before leaving, he took out his paper and pen and began to write.

Dear Sanimir,

I have looked for you everywhere I thought you might be, and haven’t been able to find you.  If you’re reading this, you have arrived home safely, and I hope you will stay.  I want to see you when I get back.

I’ll be gone a few days to Shattrath.  Please, send me a note to let me know you’re okay?  I’ll admit the timing of this trip is awful now, but I can’t back out at this point.

I miss you, and I’m worried about you.  I love you.

– Aeramin

PS – I took Muffins with me because Xyliah won’t be here for a few days either, and he needs to eat.


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