Xyliah – Xyliah’s Diary

Dear Diary,

Well, I’m married.  The wedding was nice.  Everyone complimented me on the dress.  I do think his was nicer than mine.  I hope he doesn’t like those types of robes too much.  I can’t afford to get those.  Only for very special occasions.

This occasion wasn’t really that special except one week from now Yara will get her surgery.  She’ll be able to walk after that.  Seeing her walk again will make it all worth it.  Especially if I can get this annulled soon.  I’ll need the money to cover the cost of the surgery just in case they ask for it.

He cried a few times during the ceremony.  Thankfully, he was quiet about it.  He looked like he was about to pass out a few times.  He said his vows so quietly that I could barely hear him, and the look on his face at the end when he had to kiss me was rather amusing.  I didn’t want to kiss him either.  I made sure it was over quick.

The reception was wonderful though.  I stayed mostly with Kestrae and Isandri the entire evening.  My father and Sanimir’s parents had both gone in on providing the food.  I think his mother overdid it a bit.  My brother was there with Nessna.  They’re getting married next Wednesday.  Father had brought Yara, but had to take her home after the ceremony because she was hurting.  I made sure he took some of the food.  It wouldn’t be fair if he didn’t get any since he was paying for half of it.

I talked to Isandri and Kestrae for a bit.  Isandri is excited about her wedding, and she should be.  She’s getting married to someone she loves, and who loves her back.  That’s the way it’s supposed to be.  Kestrae is still upset.  She didn’t say anything, but I could tell.  Maybe it was just because I knew about it that I noticed.

Sanimir’s mother complimented the dress as well.  We think she wants one like.  She went to tell his father that she wants to go to Dalaran after asking where I got it.

Sanimir’s sisters came over and wished us well.  Most of them did anyway.  The youngest one, I’m not sure what her problem is.  I guess she just decided it was time to cause drama and mentioned that Vallindra had been paying Aeramin to watch Sanimir, while Sanimir was right there.  I’ve seen the kid throw fits before, but I hadn’t seen him that upset.  He just opened a portal and left.  I followed before it closed after quickly saying goodbye.

I didn’t find him right away.  He was on the balcony of the room at the inn, sitting by the wall.  I don’t think he really wanted to see me, but after he stopped glaring at me and started listening, I think he didn’t mind so much.

Of course, I need him to have his boyfriend around in case more reason for annulment is needed.  Plus, what I told him was honestly what I thought.  I told him that Aeramin is from the slums and doesn’t have a lot of money.  Just because he accepted a job watching him doesn’t mean he doesn’t love him, money or not.  The boy needed money to pay his rent.  Sanimir kept saying Aeramin doesn’t love him and that he was just around for the money.  I told him he’d have to talk to him about it.  I don’t know for sure.

We were up most of the night discussing it.  He cried a few times, but less than I would have thought he would.  I think he was more angry than sad.  In the early morning, he got mad at me for ‘making’ him stay up all night and he just teleported away.

I need to check out and start heading back to Dalaran.  Maybe they’ve made up by now, I hope.


My Dearest Berwick,

I should be back late tonight.  As predicted, that horrid child threw a fit and I will be making my way back to Silvermoon by myself.  I’ll find a mage there to open a portal to Dalaran for me.  I would love to see you.  I miss you.



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