Vallindra – Notes

  • I returned to Outland last night.  It was either that or I was going to kill Aranae.
  • Honestly, she’s not worth the time in jail.
  • I don’t like him either, but would it kill her to have a little tact?
  • The wedding was nice.  Father officiated the ceremony.  It was along the coast on the beach, not far from the farstrider’s retreat.  I’d been there with Nessna before, so I was able to teleport right there.
  • I helped set things up.  I’ve agreed to help Nessna with hers next week.  Hopefully no one else gets married for a while.  I’ve had enough of it already.
  • The food was good.  I’m glad they decided to get real food.  I can’t imagine having to conjure it all.
  • I hope they like the bell.  I really did want to get them a nicer one.  She’ll always know where he is now.
  • They left rather abruptly last night, after Aranae opened her stupid mouth and told him I had been paying his friend to keep him out of trouble.
  • If mother overheard, she didn’t say anything.  She was giving me the extra money to keep an eye on him myself, not to pay someone else.  I really wish Aranae had never found out.
  • I don’t think she overheard.  She was busy talking to father about something at the time.
  • I heard her say something about going to Dalaran.  I hope I’m in Shattrath at the time.  Sanimir can play host.  I don’t want her telling me that I need to show her everything and take her places.  I’m too busy to be mother’s tour guide.
  • Anyway, Sanimir left after Aranae opened her mouth.  Aeramin had tried to come over to talk.  Sometimes I think their relationship is a little too close for friends.
  • Especially when Sanimir says things like “She paid you to be with me.”  To be with?  No, to watch.
  • For a moment I thought I would have to raise a mage ward around myself.  I was almost did, but then he told Xyliah they were going.
  • He opened a portal and didn’t even wait for her to take it.
  • I decided it was time to go then too.  I didn’t want to hear Aeramin whine about me telling Aranae.  It’s not like I actually told her either.
  • That was Lanthiriel’s fault.  I thought she knew enough to keep her mouth shut, but I guess not.
  • Staying in Shattrath for a while longer sounds good.

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