Xyliah – Letters and Diary


Everything is going well here.  I picked up the dress from the shop this morning.  It’s absolutely beautiful.  I do worry that Sanimir’s robe will be nicer, but I guess that’s a common problem when a girl marries a mage!

He still doesn’t like me much, but like you said, that doesn’t matter as long as his parents like me.

Do you know yet if Yara will be able to make it to the wedding?  I hope she will.  I know it’s not easy for her to move right now, but I would like for her to be there.

I’ll see you tomorrow.



Dear Vessen,

How are your wedding plans going with Nessna?  I’m sorry father snuck mine in before yours.  You know how he can be sometimes.  I guess our future spouses’ parents are partly to blame as well.

Things aren’t so great with Sanimir.  Has Nessna told you anything about him?  Maybe he’s different with family, but around me he’s a horrid spoiled brat.  I don’t think the marriage will last very long.  I do hope it lasts long enough for Yara’s surgery to be complete.  And considering there is a contract, hopefully it’ll last long enough for me to save up enough to cover the cost of her surgery.  That’s what I worry about most.  How long will that take?  I have a few thousand saved up now.  I would just call off the wedding and save up enough for her to pay for it if it weren’t urgent.  I know the longer she goes without it, the more chance she won’t ever walk again.  If I marry this brat tomorrow and you marry Nessna on Wednesday, then Yara goes for her surgery next Friday, and hopefully it hasn’t been too long already.  She deserves to walk again.  I just hope she stays out of Desolace this time!

See you tomorrow,



Dear Diary,

I’m a mess.  A day before my wedding and I’m a mess.  I wish there were more time.  I know Yara needs her surgery, but I’m seriously beginning to wonder if I can do this.

It’s really the last thing I want to do right now.

I met with Berwick last night.  He took me to supper, then we went up to a balcony.  The view was amazing.  The view on the balcony was quite fine too.  We kissed.  We went back to my place.  He stayed the night.

The brat I’m marrying was happy about that.  I guess his parents aren’t giving him much choice though, and he still relies on other people to support him, so it’s not his fault that he has to marry me.  It’s his stupid father with his stupid prices and stupid ways of discounting them for people who need urgent work done.

It’s just all… stupid.

Okay, I understand the man has a family to feed and a healing practice to run.  He can’t be giving out free healing.  He’s already the least expensive healer we could find.

I’ve tried to encourage the kid to tell his parents that he has a boyfriend, but neither of them were happy with that idea.  I guess they’re afraid the parents would try to split them up.  I’m not even sure it would work to get me out of getting married.  They might just tell him that it’s even more reason for him to marry a girl.

I could get the marriage annulled on that fact, as long as I have the money.  I just hope I can save enough soon.  Berwick said he would help, but if he ever changed his mind about me then I’d feel rotten.  Oh I hope he doesn’t.  He’s so sweet.  He says he’s not from a good family, but he’s a good person and anyone can see that.

I want things to work out.  I want to be with Berwick.  I don’t want to put on that fancy dress tomorrow and marry that spoiled mage.  Berwick is everything Sanimir isn’t.  Sensible, smart, sexy, just to name a few.  I don’t want to go and stand there and say my vows, knowing the whole time that Berwick is somewhere alone in Dalaran.

Yara better realize how much I love her.



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