Aranae – The Dress

Aranae Lightmist frowned as she stripped out of her leather armor behind the curtain.  The dress hung on a hook on the wall.  She scrunched up her nose as she took it down.

“Ara, do you need help?”

“No.  I can dress myself, mother.”  Aranae replied.  She pulled the dress on over her head.  Her frown grew deeper as she looked at the mirror set up in the changing area.  She hadn’t even fastened it together yet and it looked ridiculous.  “Do I have to wear a dress, mother?  I look foolish.”  She started snapping the clasps together.

“It’s your brother’s wedding tomorrow.  You can’t wear your grungy old leather.  You need a proper dress.  You can wear the same one to your sister’s wedding next week.”

Aranae stepped out from behind the curtain.  She glared at her mother.  “I look like a clown, mother.”

“No, that looks great on you.  You just need a bath and your hair done.”

“Mother!  My hair is fine.  And I’m not wearing it.”

Her mother raised a brow, eyeing her tangled hair.  “The dress is perfect.  Why not?”

“I hate it, mother.”  She sighed dramatically, “Can’t we get dress armor?”

“You’re not a boy.”

Aranae turned and stomped back into the changing area.  She pulled the curtain closed with a quick tug.  She muttered under her breath, “That’s always been the problem.”  She slipped out of the dress and put her leather practice armor back on.  She couldn’t wait for these weddings to be done and over.


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