Aeramin – Aeramin’s Notes

  • Outland.
  • I don’t know how to dress for Outland.  I’m not sure what to pack.
  • I’m not sure how to bring it up with Sanimir either.
  • I can’t right away because he’s hungover.
  • I came home last night and he was in the hall with Isandri, outside the door to our apartment.  She said he drank a lot.
  • He’s really too skinny to drink much at all.
  • I talked to Isandri a bit after I got him inside.  He passed out in the bathroom while we were talking.  I had to help him get to bed.
  • I was afraid to talk to her at first.  She doesn’t like me.  I thanked her for making sure he got home okay.  If she hadn’t, I’d have been up all night looking for him.
  • She mentioned that Xyliah might be having a party.  I don’t think Sanimir will want one.  Maybe I could get him to go with me to one of the dragonshrines.
  • Maybe the Ruby Dragonshrine.  I don’t think he’s been there yet.  He might like that.
  • I think that’s what I’ll do.  I’ll pack some wine, cheese and bread, and tell him to grab his notes.  We’ll spend the evening there.
  • I spoke to Kestrae in the park a bit before going home.  No one was around, so we were a little more free to discuss some things.  That’s when she told me about Outland.
  • She thinks I can learn more there.  I guess Sath is in Outland too, which explains why she wants to go.  I understand.  I’d go anywhere for Sanimir.
  • I don’t mind going.  It’s just going to be weird bringing it up to Sanimir.  There’s a possibility he may be able to go as well.  It would simplify everything if he knew how to make portals there.  I’m pretty sure he’s never been there before.
  • We’ll be going a couple of days after the wedding.  Sanimir might not mind getting away.
  • Not that I think it’ll be relaxing for him, but he might enjoy Shattrath.  His sister is there right now.  It makes me wonder why exactly.  Is she one of us too?

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