Xyliah – Xyliah’s Diary

Dear Diary,

Four days left.

Sanimir disappeared early yesterday morning.  He left to make a portal for Isandri and didn’t come back.  He and Aeramin usually go to the library together, then it’s hit or miss whether he’s there when I go to find him.  Yesterday he just disappeared before he even went to the library.  Aeramin didn’t seem worried.  He just left for the library as usual.

Of course, it wasn’t until after he left that I thought about asking him why Sanimir hadn’t returned.  So I just fed the cat and headed to the landing.

I went to Grizzly Hills again yesterday.  There is one area there where the bears seem to frequent, near a stream.  There are also some large deer in the area.  I’m certain it’ll be a wonderful hunting area.  Father will appreciate the furs and leather.  I found some useful herbs growing in the area as well.  I picked some and, after returning to Dalaran, I stopped by one of the herbalist’s shops.  She asked if I could get more.

I went back home after that, figuring I had lost Sanimir for the day.  I started thinking of what to write to his mother on the way home.  I was surprised to find he was at home when I got there.  It was early in the afternoon.  He was washing dishes, and he just looked at me when I came in and said that I missed lunch.  Aeramin had been home to cook, and Sanimir was cleaning up.  Aeramin had already left to return to his job in the library.

He didn’t say much.  He did say he was going to the library, in case I wanted to know where he was, after he finished the dishes.  I let him go.  That settled what to write to his mother, or I thought it did.

I got a letter back from her, the same day, telling me that he shouldn’t be studying now.  We should be getting to know each other.

Whatever lady, I had a date to go to.

Berwick actually showed up.  I had started to think he really wasn’t interested, at all.  I thought he was too scared.  Admittedly, I’m a little scared too.  I mean, I’ve never had a lover while being married to someone else.  The funny part is, I’m not even married yet.  It’s just not the way I thought it would be at all.

Berwick and I talked for a while.  I refrained from asking which inn he was staying at and he didn’t ask me to go back to the inn with him, which suits me fine.  I’m not that type of woman, although I would have gone with him if he had asked.  We are planning a camping trip.  I figure no one will ask questions if I camp without my husband.  I can’t even imagine that boy in the jungle.  He was jumpy enough the one night we took a short walk in Eversong, so no one’s going to wonder why I’ve gone without him, and if they do ask, it’ll be pretty easy to explain!

We had the idea of finding someone else to marry him.  I don’t think I know anyone who would do that just so my sister could have surgery to walk again.  Well, besides myself.  And it would have to be someone his parents approved of as well.  I don’t think 4 days is enough time.

Maybe I should just tell them.



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2 responses to “Xyliah – Xyliah’s Diary

  1. She needs a euphemism like “tracking snakes”, lol.

    Aww she didn’t notice his shirt!

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