Sanimir/Aeramin – Practice

Sanimir Lightmist sat atop a large flat rock in the Emerald Dragonshrine.  The rock was taller than he was, but he had become quite adept at climbing up it in his robe.  His satchel sat beside him on the flat surface of the top of the rock and an open book rested in his lap.

He had told Xyliah, again, that he would be at the library.  So far, she had failed in verifying that was where he was, or if she had, she hadn’t said anything.  Sanimir turned the page of his book.  It didn’t really matter as long as she left him alone.

He had been making an effort to arrive home earlier.  Despite this, he was still staying up late with Aeramin, often well into the night and the wee hours of the morning.  Most of that time was spent talking.  The problem with staying up so late was that he had to wake early to make a portal for Isandri.  The schedule was less than ideal, and now he found himself catching a nap whenever he could.  He leaned against a taller rock that jutted out right next to the one he was on and closed his eyes.  The book was still open on his lap as he drifted off.


Aeramin Firewind had been eager to get away to practice, and he finally found the time one evening after having supper with his mother.  He wasn’t sure the forest below Dalaran would be the safest place to practice anymore.  Some of his friends had mentioned going there recently, not to mention he believed the ruins were haunted.  Another location was needed.

He recalled on his trips to the dragonshrines with Sanimir that Dragonblight was pretty much empty of everything except snow, dragon bones and large buzzards.  The problem was getting there quickly enough.  He could take a rented dragonhawk there, but by the time he made the trip to a place quiet enough within Dragonblight, he wouldn’t have much time before having to return.  He did the only thing a mage in a hurry would do, and began to cast a teleport spell.  It was the fastest way there.  He could teleport to one of the shrines then walk out to the wastes to practice.  It was dangerous for him.  His teleports often were off a bit.  He’d rather be too high off the ground than too low in it.  He prepared himself for the drop.



Sanimir startled awake after the first few drops woke him.  He quickly closed the book and put it in his satchel.  He looked up wondering what time it was.  He should probably head back anyway.  His lie about being in the library wouldn’t work if his robes were wet from the rain.  He started casting the teleport spell.

Then he heard a thud, and someone swearing.  He stopped casting the teleport and, staying low on the flat surface of the rock, peered over the edge.

He blinked and drew back further out of sight upon seeing Aeramin standing up and dusting off his robes with his hands.  He hadn’t told Aeramin where he was going during the day, and Aeramin had stopped asking.  Sanimir wondered how he knew to look here.  He peeked down over the edge of the rock and watched as Aeramin began walking towards the path.

He didn’t seem to be looking for anything.  He was headed towards the path that exited the dragonshrine.

Sanimir cast an invisibility spell over himself and scrambled down from the rock, following Aeramin from a short distance behind.


Aeramin landed with a thud as his teleport took him five feet off the ground in the Emerald Dragonshrine.  He got up and quickly brushed off his robe.  He had landed from the fall a little more clumsily than he would have liked.  It didn’t help that the rain had made the grass slick.  He double-checked the items in his satchel before he quickly made his way out of the Emerald Shrine.  He wasn’t fond of standing around in the rain.  He didn’t think it would be a good idea to try to summon anything within the dragonshrine, but outside of it should be fine.  There would be the added benefit of the buzzards serving as a target for spells.  He’d finally be able to watch Rupyap cast.  He would be able to practice some of the spells he had been learning from the other book as well.  He made his way up the path leading out of the shrine.

The cold air nipped at his ears as he left the shrine.  A long-dead dragon’s skeleton rested next to the shrine, partly over the path.  A group of buzzards perched on a section of the spine.  He walked out a bit further, circling around to the other side of the buzzards.  It looked to be as good of a place as any.  He opened his satchel to get out his supplies.


Sanimir maintained his invisibility spell much longer than he had ever managed to before.  He followed carefully in Aeramin’s tracks in the snow as he neared where Aeramin had stopped.  He was kneeling and carefully doing something in the snow.  From a distance it looked like he was drawing.  Sanimir carefully moved closer, staying in Aeramin’s footprints.  Closer, it looked like he was still drawing, but now Sanimir could see the circle.  He could see the runes.  He knew what he was looking at.

“Aeramin…”  He let his invisibility spell drop.

Aeramin jumped and turned around.  “Sanimir!  What are you doing here?”

Sanimir eyed the circle.  He looked at Aeramin, then back to the circle again.  “Shouldn’t I be the one asking that question?”  He quietly replied with a question of his own.

Aeramin looked at the circle.  “Oh.”  He frowned, “I was going to tell you after the wedding.  I found some books.  I’ve been practicing what I read in them.”  He paused waiting for a reaction.

Sanimir stared at the circle.  After some time he asked, “What were you summoning?”

“An imp.”  Aeramin frowned more.  He was having trouble reading his friend’s expression.  “Are you angry?”

Sanimir shook his head.  “No.  I knew.”

“You– You did?”  Aeramin’s eyebrow shot up in surprise.

He nodded this time.  “I knew you had a book, and I knew Kes is teaching you.  It’s just different seeing it, but I’m not angry.  Just surprised to find out it’s real, I guess.”

Aeramin blinked at Sanimir, “Are you okay with it?”

Sanimir frowned slightly.  “I don’t like it, but I won’t try to stop you.  Promise me you’ll be careful.  Listen to Kes.  She probably knows what she’s doing.”

Aeramin nodded.  He moved closer to Sanimir and put his arms around him.  “I’ll be careful.  I promise.”


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