Aeramin – Aeramin’s Notes

  • I’m going to be Sanimir’s best man at his wedding.  He didn’t ask me, but I offered to and he said it was okay.  He wants me there.
  • He still doesn’t want to be there himself.
  • I think I’ve been going about things the wrong way.  I’ve been trying to get him to talk to Xyliah so that they can work something out between each other.  The problem with that is, he’s unwilling.  Getting him to talk to her before he wants to has really proven to be a very bad idea.
  • I wasn’t aware he could be that insulting.  Actually, I was, but I didn’t think he would be like that with her.
  • He’s just not thinking.  She’s going to be providing for him.  Getting her angry isn’t a good idea.
  • So I’ve come up with a new strategy.  I need to get him to kind of accept it, just a little anyway, before trying to get him to talk to her again.  I’m also going to try to keep her from getting impatient with him.  She’s been mostly understanding, up until she started following him around and telling him he was going to be on a very strict budget.  I can’t say that made anything better.
  • That was right after he said some of the things he did.  I think Vallindra leaving town had something to do with it as well.
  • He’s been going somewhere during the day and evening.  I know he’s been showing up for Isandri’s portals, but he’s gone the rest of the time.  We do still go to the discussion room together in the morning, but after I leave, he does too.
  • I guess he just left Xyliah waiting for him the one day.  She was mad.  He came home that night.  He was soaked, and wouldn’t say where he had been.  Just somewhere quiet.
  • I can’t really blame him.  I wanted to go someplace quiet when a marriage was arranged for me earlier this year.  He was the one who loaned me the money to get my mother out of that place, and me out of that marriage.
  • I went to the lounge last night.  I’d been staying home most of the week.  It was good to get out for a bit.  Kestrae was there and we talked for a while.
  • I know I’m going to have to tell Sanimir about some of the things I’ve been doing.  I’m afraid he’ll react badly.  I’ll wait until after his wedding.  Now is a very bad time to bring up anything that might upset him.
  • He wasn’t home last night when I got back.  I stayed up and waited for him.  He finally just appeared in our room, just like that.  We talked a bit.
  • He seemed a bit calmer last night.  He wasn’t wet either.
  • He had some crazy idea about earning enough to pay for her sister’s surgery so that they wouldn’t have to get married so she could get her discount.
  • I pointed out that if he had that kind of earning potential, then he would be self-sufficient and wouldn’t be in this situation.
  • He went on about how it wasn’t easy to earn enough to live by and how it wasn’t fair, and all that.  Then he asked me how I had managed all this time.
  • I don’t think that now is a good time to tell him that his sister was paying me to watch him and keep him out of trouble.  I told him about the other things I had done.  Normally, I’d have rather told him about the money I got from his sister, but he’s been flighty.  And he doesn’t tell anyone where he goes.  I don’t want him to run off at night too.
  • So that’s another thing for after the wedding.  I want him to hear it from me, not from her.
  • I’ve been going to see my mother as usual, despite all that’s been going on.  She was doing very well a few days ago.  I went for a walk with her around Dalaran, and wound up sitting in the park for a bit until she forgot how we got there.
  • We had talked a bit before she forgot.  I told her I’d be going to a wedding soon.  She thought it was mine.  I corrected her and told her I’d be the best man, and that the wedding was for Sanimir.
  • She remembered him.  She’s only met him a couple of times, but she remembered.
  • Maybe he’d like to visit her again with me sometime.
  • And maybe I’ve been going about trying to find out where he’s going the wrong way too.  Maybe if I just give him other places, more options to choose from, he’ll choose one where I know where he is.
  • I don’t like thinking he might be hurt somewhere or that he needs help and no one knows.

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