Teniron – Talk over Tea

Teniron looked up as he set his teacup down.  “I’m not?”

“No.  We don’t want you there.”  Theronil shrugged then took a sip of his own tea.

“We?  Or she?”

“We.  I agree with her.  If it’s that upsetting to her for you to be at the wedding, then you shouldn’t be there.”

“What did I ever do?”  Teniron leaned back in his chair, not quite believing what his brother was saying.

Theronil raised a brow.  “You’ve been drunk around her.  I imagine you likely said some nasty things.  We don’t want that kind of behavior at the wedding.”

“I don’t remember saying anything nasty.”  He leaned forward again, taking hold of the handle of his teacup.

“You were drunk.”

“I’ve been sober for months.”  It was true in his mind.  He had, a few times, had a drink or two after his supper, and he had once shared a bottle of wine with Kit.  He hadn’t been drunk any of those times, so it had to be the truth.  He had been sober.

Theronil lowered his voice and leaned forward.  “I saw the empty wine bottle in your shop.  I don’t want problems at the wedding.  Also, I want the things I asked you to make for me.  I’ve finished the enchantments on your last batch.  I won’t be doing anymore and I won’t be asking anymore of you.”

Teniron raised a brow this time.  He frowned thoughtfully.  “I didn’t drink all of that wine.  Your stuff is finished.  It’s in the shop.”

Theronil’s ear twitched.  “Good.  I’ll be by later with the enchanted jewelry for you.  Will you be there or at your new place?”

“Well, I had plans this afternoon to go shop for a few things I needed yet for the apartment, but I can be at the shop if you need me to be.”

“Good.  It won’t take long.  I’ll just be dropping off your stuff and picking mine up.  Then we won’t need to see each other anymore after that.”

Teniron would have thought it was a joke if his brother didn’t look so serious.  “Just like that?  You don’t want to see me ever?”

Theronil shrugged.  “I love her more than you.”  He got up, leaving his still full teacup on the table.  “I’ll be by in a bit to pick up the things I asked you to make.”

Teniron could only watch in stunned silence as his brother walked out of the lounge.


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