Vallindra – Shattrath Notes

  • I’ve arrived in Shattrath.  I brought a map this time.
  • And pants.  Poking around in dirt for ley lines in a dress sucks.
  • I forgot to pack a shirt.  I’ll buy one, somewhere here.  If I teleport back home to get one, I might not teleport back.  I don’t exceptionally like Shattrath.
  • I wrote a letter to mother this morning before I left Dalaran.  I let her know I would be away for a few days, and that she would have to contact Xyliah for updates on her precious little boy during the time that I’ll be gone.
  • I really can’t wait until the wedding makes that permanent.
  • I wrote a letter to Xyliah explaining that she would have to keep a closer eye on him than she has been.  She doesn’t even know where he goes during the day.
  • Neither do I.  I’m not asking Aeramin.  He’ll just want to be paid for the information, if he knows.  From what Xyliah has said, I’m going to guess that he doesn’t.  I’m not going to worry about if Sanimir gets himself lost, maimed or killed while I’m not responsible for him.
  • One less person spending too much money on robes if he gets himself killed.
  • Nessna got her dress for her wedding.  It’s beautiful, but it costs too much.
  • I’ve gotten sidetracked.
  • I’ve been looking over the map.  Broken worlds aren’t so easy to piece together.  On Azeroth, after you find a ley line or two, you can find other smaller ley lines in the area by plotting them out.  There is a pattern.
  • Here?  Points of possible interest are all over the place, but do not seem to be in any predictable pattern.
  • It’s possible the ley lines here were messed up, similar in the way the ones in Northrend were.  Blue dragons did it in Northrend.  It might have been the destruction of the world here, or something else.
  • If that’s even what’s going on.  It’s possible that there is a pattern.  I’m just not seeing it yet.
  • I’m in the library today.  I’m still deciding where to look first.  I’d prefer some place where I won’t get killed.  However, Netherstorm and Shadowmoon seem like the best places to look.  There are some minor places of interest in other areas, but the hot spots are in the more dangerous places.  Figures.
  • Saw Berwink again last night.  He refused to come with me.  That’s why I’m here now.  I was going to wait until his business in Dalaran was finished so that we could go together.  It would have been nice to get to know him better.  I guess he didn’t think so.
  • So that’s another strike.
  • I picked up a cheap bell in the pet shop before leaving.
  • If it were a good one, I would have taken it to a real enchanter to have a nice locating enchantment placed on it, but it’s just a cheap one.  I’ll see what I can do.  I know I can get the direction right, at least.

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One response to “Vallindra – Shattrath Notes

  1. Lol Berwink.

    You can’t give boys mixed signals, Val! It just confuses them!

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