Sanimir – Notes

  • I’ve had a rough week.  I’m glad I’m back in Dalaran.  I wasn’t sure my parents would let me return at first, but I guess it’s okay with Xyliah.
  • Xyliah is my fiancée.  We’re getting married in two weeks.  I don’t want to.  If my parents had finalized these plans for me earlier, maybe, but just as I fall in love with someone, they find someone else for me.  It’s not fair.
  • They won’t let me say no.  I tried.  A lot.
  • They let Vallindra say no.  I think Lanthiriel has too.  They won’t let me.  They told me that I have to learn how to be a responsible adult and my sister can’t watch me forever.
  • I tried suggesting that they give my allowance to me directly instead of giving it to Vallindra to help me.  It was probably a bad idea to suggest that right after they got the bill for the robes.  They didn’t seem to think it was a good idea.
  • They got the bill for the robes.  I knew they would be mad, but I didn’t think they would make me get married.  They’re really angry.
  • I can’t even tell them I’m in love with someone else.  I don’t think they would like it if they knew who so I have to be quiet.  I want to tell everyone and I can’t.
  • Aeramin told me he thought we should tell Xyliah.  I thought maybe she would use it against me, that she would threaten to tell my parents if she didn’t get what she wanted, but the more he talks about it, the more I think maybe he’s right.
  • He thinks she’s reasonable and might let us stay together, maybe even continue to stay at the same place.  I guess she would get my room and I would move into his.  That would work.
  • I’ve been going to his room at night anyway.  I only pretend to sleep on the couch.
  • He needs a new bed.
  • I figured out that I can teleport to the Emerald Dragonshrine to get away from everything.  I’m here now.  It’s quiet and I can observe the green fuzzies in the air.  I don’t know why mine won’t appear.  Maybe it needs something.

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