Xyliah – Diary

Dear Diary,

Well, I’m in Dalaran.  I had to drop everything to come here on the whim of that crazy old woman.  His mother.  I’m really starting not to like her.  She thinks he’ll warm up to the idea of us getting married if he spends more time with me.  So I’m here.  I really don’t think it’s working.  If anything he seems more irritated with me than before.


Of course, I’m not telling him that.  Boys don’t like it when you point out their mothers are horrible, and I’m trying to get on somewhat friendly terms with him.  He keeps running away every time I try to talk to him.

He’s a bit odd.  He didn’t want to show me his apartment or anything.  I left my stuff in his room, which he had opened a portal directly to.  I had barely put my stuff down before he opened a portal to the park here in Dalaran.  I remember thinking that was a good sign if he wanted to go talk in the park.  He doesn’t have to like me, but we need to be able to talk.

Anyway, I was wrong.  He didn’t want to talk.  I started to, but he just walked away.  I followed him to a lounge.  He sat down at a table with some other women.  I thought at first that maybe that was why he disliked me so much.  Maybe he liked one of them, but I sat down with them, and I don’t think that’s it at all now.  Well, especially now, but at the time, I figured out that wasn’t it.

Then, he teleported away to check on his cat!  He had left me to introduce myself too.  I wonder what would happen if I told his mother I thought he was being rude.  Probably nothing.  He’s a spoiled little brat.  I’m surprised all of his whining about getting married hasn’t caused her to call it off yet.  Maybe it’s just urging her to speed it up so it’ll be my problem instead of hers.

I spoke with the two ladies at the table for a bit.  I’ve been invited to go shoe shopping.  One of them is getting married soon and needs to get shoes to match her dress.  I suppose I should look for myself too.  Especially considering the message I got today from my father.  A date has been set, and it’s soon.  I know father was eager to get Yara in for her surgery, but I didn’t know his family was eager enough for this soon.  Two and a half weeks.  Father sent a list of people he had on the invite list and asked if there were anyone to add.  He’s going to order the invitations on Friday so that we’ll have them in time.  I have to buy my own dress.

Oh, and I have to discuss the location with Sanimir.  Like he’ll talk to me.

I think I’ll like shoe shopping.  They both seemed to like me.  They both said Sanimir is liked by almost everyone, so maybe I’m just seeing his spoiled little brat side because I’m the woman he doesn’t want to marry.

They had to leave after some time and then some guy came to sit and talk to me.  I was thankful for the company.  His name was Berwick and he finds treasure for a living.  That’s different.  He kept saying I was pretty.  Maybe he was too blind to see the scar.  He didn’t seem to have trouble seeing anything else though.  He asked why my sister needs surgery.  She was attacked by a death knight in Desolace and left for dead.  She’s going to live, but she needs her quality of life back.  She won’t be happy in bed for the rest of her life.  He kept telling me that I didn’t have to marry this guy and that I’d be unhappy.  I think that remains to be seen.  I do have to marry him, but plenty of people have gotten married to people they don’t really like and have wound up being happy.  Not always happy together, and I’d be a fool at this point to think that Sanimir and I will be happy together.  That doesn’t mean we can’t be married and be happy apart.

I have so much to discuss with him.

I went to the apartment after that.  I met Sanimir’s friend who he rents with, Aeramin.  He didn’t seem so bad.  I spoke with him a bit about Dalaran and what there is to do here.  Sanimir sat on the couch the entire time with his arms folded and refusing to speak.  I was too tired to press it so I went to bed, very carefully.  He had left little paper signs all over his room with the words “Do not touch!”.  They were everywhere!  I was lucky I had found a stable on the way to leave Thalien at, I guess.  I can imagine if I had tried to take a dragonhawk inside.  I don’t want to leave poor Thalien there every night, but for now I think it’s for the best.

Sanimir was supposed to be sleeping on the couch in the sitting room.  I had to get up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night.  He wasn’t there.

I really don’t think he was interested in the women at the table at all.

Also, I moved his jar.  The empty one.  One inch.  I touched it.


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  1. hahaha not the green fuzzy!

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