Theronil – Theronil’s Log

I took Isandri down to the forest below Dalaran last night.  It didn’t go as I had planned.  She kind of freaked out, about everything, all at once.  At one point, she even thought I was leaving her!  I would never do that.  I guess it doesn’t help that the dragons there are hostile and will attack if they see you.  One of their smaller ground units did see us.  It came straight for her.  I shot it and it fell to the ground dead, but I think it kind of set the tone for the rest of the evening.  We went around to the other side of the large crystallized tree that the dragons seem to be concentrated around.  We were a safe distance away and found a nice little ledge where we could sit and look out over the forest.

I used the riding machine that I’m thinking about buying.  I have to kind of talk to her about that yet.  I can’t just buy it.  I’d have to pay for it over time, and if she doesn’t think it’s a good idea, then I won’t get it.  We need to pay for the wedding first.  I’ll have enough for everything in a couple of weeks.  We might even have enough to start paying our friends back for helping with the surgery.  Teniron has been doing some excellent work with the raw materials that I’ve given him.  Then I enchant the pieces and sell them.  I enchant some of his stuff too so it’s working out quite well between the two of us.  It will continue to, if he stays sober…

And that’s the thing.  I went to see him today.  There was an empty wine bottle in his workshop.  I want to hope it’s nothing to worry about.  He seemed okay.  He really seemed okay.  Better than he’s been in years, in fact.  So maybe it’s nothing to worry about, but at the same time, I know it’s everything to worry about.

We talked a bit.  Isandri doesn’t want him coming to the wedding.  That’s fine.  I don’t like her brother either, but I know he’s her family and that’s important.  Plus, after the wedding, if he decides to be an idiot, I can just punch him.  I guess I convinced her to invite Teniron anyway.  I may not always get along with him, but he’s my brother.  He’s the only living family member I have left.  He should be there.

Besides, I’m pretty sure he won’t want to be there.  He hates weddings.  I finally get to pay him back for making me come to his.

Teniron and I talked a bit.  He said he found a girl he likes.  I’m skeptical.

I noticed the painting too.  I don’t know why he would put that out if it just makes him drink.  Maybe he’s losing his mind.  He is starting to get old.

I told him to hurry up on my order.


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