Xyliah – Diary

Dear Diary,

A mage.  Father is trying to set me up with a mage.  He’s the brother of Vessen’s fiance.  He’s cute, but very young and very quiet.  He hardly said a word during the whole supper.  He was looking, and he didn’t seem disgusted by my scar, which I guess is a good start.

Who am I trying to fool?  He wasn’t interested at all.  He did look, but it was more of a “why are you here?” look than anything else.  And young!  He’s hardly out of diapers!  If Yara didn’t need her surgery, I’d have said no.  They’re giving her a big discount on it if I marry him and support him while he… I don’t know what.  I guess until he gets good enough to take an apprentice.  They usually earn pretty good money teaching other people how to be mages, but he’s so young, that could take years.  Either that or his first apprentice will be older than he is.

I’ve been doing some thinking on what his mother said about me being fertile.  I still think it was rather rude, but I guess I can see her concern.  I’m not exactly as young as I used to be, and I guess the purpose of this marriage is to have their son pass on their name.  I haven’t tried to have children before though so I really couldn’t answer her.  I haven’t been with that many guys, and I had my tea when I was.  Having boyfriends never worked out for me.  Father may be right on that point.  It’s best to marry them first.

Anyway, the discount that Yara will get is huge.  She should be able to have her surgery right after the wedding.  If it works out that I marry him.  I’m not so sure yet that it’ll actually happen.

At first I thought he was going to say no.  His parents had told me that it would be up to him and that he had that option.  After supper, his mother suggested that we take a walk.  I thought she was nuts for suggesting it after he had barely said a thing beyond “Pass the gravy, please.”, but I decided it couldn’t hurt.  I took his hand, and he jumped.  He’s a nervous one.  We walked outside of the city walls for a bit, along the forest’s edge.  He seemed really freaked out by every little noise.  I don’t think he gets out of the city much.  I asked if he had seen much of Northrend.  I figured since he lives in Dalaran, he may have seen some of the other places too.  He said he went to the dragonshrines, and fell into one.  I’m still not quite sure if he was serious or not.

We found a bench out there to sit on.  He asked about my scar and why I haven’t gotten it healed.  I told him I got it during the scourge attacks and that I wear it with pride for having helped defend the survivors.  That’s what everyone believes anyway.

That was when he told me he wasn’t being given the option to say no.  He asked if I had the option.  I suppose I do, but Yara needs this.  I suppose I do too if I’m ever to start a family.  So either his parents lied to me or they changed their mind.  My father would be upset too, if I declined.

At the end of the evening, I walked with him back home and kissed his cheek.  He pulled away.  Maybe he’s gay.


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  1. Aww! Did she tell him why she wanted to? Haha.

    Also I hear treasure hunters make a lot of money!

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