Alinash – Story

Alinash made his way across the roof tops to old town before morning broke.  He had managed to find a way into one of the half destroyed towers along the park last night, and had slept, a short time, safely hidden away in the broken building.

He had found the elf he had been looking for.  He hadn’t expected the human girl with him, but that didn’t frighten him off from approaching.  Neither of them had expected him.  They had asked what he was doing here.  I live here.  That had been his answer, and it was the truth.  He found it rather easy to fool the humans, or sneak around them.  He had been getting by just fine doing just that.  He had stolen a low-brimmed hat that he could wear with his ears tucked inside.  As long as he looked down, no one would see his eyes.  He was careful not to stand next to gnomes and dwarves.

The elf had spoken to him about finding work.  He would have to find more permanent lodging before winter, and he described the winters as being cold, with snow.  It would be helpful then if he had a job to rent a warm place to stay.

Alinash climbed down the vined, stone wall of one of the buildings after slipping his hat on his head, hiding his ears and eyes.  The older elf didn’t think his employer would care that he was sin’dorei, but Alinash knew others would not be welcoming.  He knew of the shop.  It was nearby.  He walked out into the street.  It would be too early yet, but he could sit on one of the wooden borders around one of the trees while waiting.  As long as he kept his hat on and his head down, it would be fine.

The previous night, after he had ‘left’ the elf and the human girl, he had double backed to where he could listen.  He couldn’t see them, but he could hear.  Things were strange between them.  Alinash thought the girl might be crazy, but then maybe she was just a normal girl.  A lot of them acted like that.  He looked forward to working with the Harrier, if he was hired.  Despite their different backgrounds, he thought that they both tended to agree on many points.

He stopped in front of a clock shop.  It looked like the right one.  He sat next to one of the trees nearby and waited as the sun began to lighten the sky.


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