Aeramin – Aeramin’s Notes

  • I spent most of my day at the library yesterday.  I came home for lunch, but Sanimir didn’t.  I checked the discussion room when I went back.  I thought maybe he forgot to eat, but he wasn’t there.  He might have met with his sister or something, and it’s kind of impossible to ask him today.  I’ll get to that in a second…
  • Vallindra has stopped checking on Sanimir at night.  I don’t know why she stopped, but he’s caught on fairly quickly that he can stay out later.  He’s been out very late the past two nights.
  • I was late with my mother yesterday.  She was having one of her really bad days again.
  • Then I went to the forest under Dalaran.  I thought I had found a good place in the ruins, but it was a little scary there.  It might be haunted.  I’ll have to go back another time.
  • So I got home late, but Sanimir wasn’t there yet.  I went out to look for him after a bit, but couldn’t find him.  When I returned home, I found him passed out in the hallway next to the door.
  • I don’t recall ever seeing him drunk before.  He’s really too skinny to be drinking that much.  I bet he only had two or three drinks.
  • I helped him get to bed.  That involved getting him out of his robe.  I have a lot more self-control than I thought I did.
  • I watched him for a bit to make sure he was okay.  Sometimes if you drink too much, it can poison you.  I’ve seen that happen before.  His breathing was regular, and while he was difficult to wake, I could wake him up.  He did seem cool to the touch, but since he had woke enough to help me help him to his bed, and he was breathing fine, I let him sleep.
  • I don’t think he remembers last night.  He’s really sick today.  He keeps saying he’s dying.  I put a pail by the sofa for him.  He refuses to go back to bed.  He has a complete loss of concentration.  He can’t even conjure something to eat.  I gave him conjured toast, but then he curled up into a ball and started whining about how he was dying again.
  • At least he’s on the couch now.  After I woke this morning, I found him on the bathroom floor.  He was awake, and I don’t think he had been there long.  I tried to get him back to his bed then, but he threw up on me.  Luckily, I hadn’t changed into my good robes yet, and only my sleeping robe got dirty.
  • Thus the pail by the couch.  I’ll keep cleaning it out.  Honestly, I don’t think anything can be left in him.
  • I left him for only a short time this morning.  I had to let Raleth know I wouldn’t be working on the book translation today, and I had to ask him if he would make the portal for Isandri.  I told him Sanimir was sick.  I didn’t elaborate.  As it gets later in the day, I think someone might have to cover for the evening one too.  I suppose I could do it.  It probably would be better if someone else did.  I guess I could go see if Raleth is available to pick her up.  I’m not sure if he knows where to get her after her apprenticeship hours though.
  • I might have a lead on getting a free chair for my bedroom so I can read comfortably there.  I can’t go check today, but one of the inns said they were replacing some of their chairs and would have some that they would be throwing away soon.  Maybe I’ll luck out and be able to get a new mattress too.  Hopefully, Sanimir will be better tomorrow and I’ll be able to check then.

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