Sanimir – Sanimir’s Notes

  • I spoke with Kestrae.  Then Sath was there.  I didn’t see him come in.  I don’t think she did either.  I saw him, and then she did too and she excused herself to go talk to him.
  • She invited him to the table.  I would have left so they could talk, but he didn’t even want to come over.  That scares me.  Maybe he’s going to try to get me fired again.  Or worse.  I didn’t like the look he gave me.
  • He’s a ranger.  Maybe he’s going to shoot me.
  • I went to the park.  I thought it would be quiet there and I could read.
  • Kes and Sath showed up a few minutes later.  They sat near the park entrance, so I couldn’t leave.  I kept reading my book.
  • She was crying sometimes.  It would have been dangerous to hear anything.  I’m glad I was on the other side of the park.
  • Sath left and Kes came to see me.  I wasn’t sure he wasn’t hiding somewhere, waiting to shoot me, but we talked a little bit.  I didn’t get shot.
  • Vallindra hasn’t been coming to check on me for the past few nights.  It’s a little weird.  I’ve come to expect her to visit then.  Sometimes it was annoying, but it was nice to see her and think that maybe she cared.  I don’t think she really does.  She’s worse than Aranae.  Maybe.
  • Sath didn’t show up this morning like Kestrae said he would for the portal.  I’m kind of glad, but now I don’t know if he really went back or not.  I guess Isandri might know eventually.
  • I’m staying in the library for the rest of the day.  Nothing can happen to me here.  Nothing.
  • I will have to go make the portal for Isandri later.  I can come back to the library after.
  • Vallindra told me that mother is speaking to Nessna’s fiance’s sister.  For me.  She said she was sick of babysitting me, and thought a wife could watch me better anyway.
  • I grew up with five older sisters.  I’m not ready to live with a woman, I think.  I don’t know.
  • I think I’ll say no.  I’ll have to meet her, I guess.  But then maybe I’ll like her.
  • I left the discussion room this morning after Aeramin had to leave to go to his translating job.  I didn’t feel like being around other people much, so I got one of the private reading rooms.  I stayed here for lunch.  I’m still here, in the reading room.  No one can find me here.
  • My father is probably going to be angry about the money I spent on the robes.
  • I don’t care.  Let him be mad.
  • He might try to drag me back to Silvermoon, and make me marry whoever my mother chooses for me.
  • I guess I do care because I don’t really want to go back to Silvermoon.  I don’t think I want to get married right now either.
  • Kestrae said some other things last night.  I’ve kind of known.  I’ve noticed his looks.  And sometimes the things he says or does.  He talks to girls though.  He seems interested in them.
  • I don’t know what I want.  I’m a virgin.  I haven’t really thought about it, beyond knowing what’s expected of me.  I know my father has been hinting that I should find a girl myself before mother finds one for me.  It might be too late for that if Vallindra is right about her talking to that girl, but I think I can refuse.  Vallindra has refused so many that they’ve given up on trying to find one for her.
  • They expect me to marry an elf woman and have lots of children, and hopefully have more than one male to carry on the family name, unlike my father and my grandfather, and my great-grandfather.
  • I’m not even considered an adult by some people. I thought I had a decade or two before they found someone for me.  At least!   I can’t get married yet.  Why is mother looking now?
  • I do like him.  I know he cares.  I care for him too.  I wouldn’t have spent so much if I didn’t.
  • I think I’ll just stay here in the reading room today.  Maybe tomorrow too.

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