Teniron – Story

Teniron set the delicate chain he had been working on down on the table his work area.  He stood and walked to the back of his shop where he kept his living space.  A lot had been on his mind lately.  He sat at a small table he had on one side of the small area and sipped his water.  The trip to the tournament grounds had went well, although he was certain Kit had only been polite when she said he was doing really good at the practice jousting.  It had been years since he had ridden a hawkstrider, and even longer since he had actually used any sort of weapon.  Despite having a small collection of swords now, he hadn’t actually swung one at a target of any kind for over a decade, and his brief stint of formal training seemed like ages ago.  He didn’t think he did very good at the jousting.  They didn’t, after all, let him joust against other people.  All the same, it had been fun.

Kit had been much better than he was, although she admitted she never owned a hawkstrider.  It was clear to him as she held her lance and charged at her target that both her riding and training were much further along than his was.  She appeared graceful and at ease as she thrust her lance at the melee targets.

Despite their activity, the cold set in.  The tournament grounds were more crowded than his brother had made out, and it took them some time to find a fire to warm themselves by that wasn’t already crowded.  It was up on a slope overlooking one of the jousting areas where they finally found a fire to warm themselves by.  It was next to a building which kept the chill wind off of them as well.  They sat on a bench near the fire, and talked for some time.

She said that her employer, and thus his, was in fact Kestrae and her sisters.  He has suspected that, and he understood why it was kept quiet.  She was right.  It probably didn’t matter if he knew now.  Still, he wasn’t going to tell anyone.

They had also spoken about their pasts.  She told him of a time when her mother let her wear one of her dresses.  She had tried to dance and keep tripping over the dress.  He had told her about the time when he and his older sister used an old shed on some abandoned property as a workshop where they made jewelry for their friends.  It was very cheap jewelry with rocks, strings and bits of cheap wire.  They had both been very young at the time, not even fully grown.  She had still been taller than him.

He had also told her about Tanna.

Teniron stood up, twitching an ear as he walked back to his workspace.  He picked up one of the necklace pendants he had made.  He turned it over in his hands as his ear twitched again.

A knock at the door interrupted his thoughts.

Not many people knew where he lived.  He answered the door, hoping it was Kit.  It wasn’t.

“I finished some of the enchantments and I’ve gotten more supplies for you to make some more things for me.”  Theronil let go of one of his crutches long enough to slide a satchel off his shoulder.  He handed it to Teniron.  “I’ll finish the rest soon.”

“Aren’t you supposed to be in bed?”  Teniron asked, eyeing his brother’s cast.  He took the satchel.

“I’m fine.  I have crutches.  As long as I don’t put any weight on my left leg, I can go where I want.”

Teniron looked through the bag as his brother continued.

“I get the cast off soon anyway.  Then I won’t need these anymore.”  He looked at the crutches.

Teniron looked up from looking in the satchel.  “I hope the surgery has made a difference.”

“It doesn’t hurt now.  Hopefully it won’t when I can put weight on it.”

Teniron nodded.

“I had a few specific things in mind for the materials I’ve given you.  We could go discuss it over lunch at the lounge if you want.”

Teniron glanced back at his unfinished work.  Lunch did sound good.  He turned back to his brother and nodded.  “Let’s go.”


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