Aeramin – Notes

  • Maena seems to be adjusting well to her new home.  Maena isn’t doing as well as I hoped she would.  She is taken care of, and the priestess does keep an eye on her.  The building has a small courtyard so she can go outside.  She’s allowed out the main door with me only.  She’s safe.  No harm will come to her there.  I’m sure of that.  The problem is that she’s confused.  She keeps thinking she’s in Silvermoon.  She keeps looking for my father.  Sometimes she thinks he left her.  The priestess wouldn’t let her keep the urn there.
  • So dad’s staying with me.  It wouldn’t be bad if I had another room, but the urn sits on my dresser.  I could put him in the bathroom, but that would be even weirder.
  • Kestrae suggested I rent a two bedroom home with someone else.  Sanimir was right there.  I don’t know whether to thank her or cry.
  • I want to.  He said he would be willing to move if I found a nice place that wasn’t too expensive.  He wants to cut his costs too so that he doesn’t have to live off his parents anymore.
  • It will ease my mind to see him in the morning.  I’ve been having horrible dreams.  A lot of times, he’s in them.  Having him near will let me know that he’s safe.  I told him he could have the bigger room.
  • I don’t think he feels the same.  I don’t think I’ve been very obvious about it, but when we first started discussing it, he said he wasn’t sure.  He thought people would talk.  Does he know?  If he does, he agreed to move in with me anyway.  People wouldn’t talk.  People do this all the time to save money.  There will be two bedrooms.
  • He talks about girls in the library all the time.  I’ve talked to them.  They seem nice.  Some of them look nice too.  I really can’t compete with them.  I shouldn’t even be writing about this.
  • Dreams are getting worse, and I’ve heard the voice a few times again.  He wants me to summon him again.  I will when I’m ready.  Not before.  At least he is being less annoying about it this time.  I’ve only heard him a handful of times.
  • I would have summoned last night, but Sanimir stayed a bit later than usual.  I’m sure Vallindra was looking for him, but we weren’t at the lounge.
  • I want to see what this imp can do.
  • After I find a place and Sanimir and I are sharing living space, I’ll have to make sure the books are hidden well.  He can’t know about this.  Even if he didn’t run to tell someone, I’m afraid he would let it slip to someone who would.  He talks a lot.
  • I’m going to check a place later.  It’s near wear Sanimir lives now, and the price is pretty good.  My half would be a little less than I’m paying now.  Sanimir would be saving a lot.
  • I need to get money for the rent.  Maybe Raleth can give me another advance

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