Sanimir – Notes

  • The green fuzzy from the Emerald Dragonshrine still hasn’t reappeared.  I keep a little water in the jar in case it needs that.  Maybe if I added leaves and flowers in the jar then it would feel more at home and appear.  I don’t know what to try at this point.  Maybe the holes in the top of the jar are too big and it escaped.
  • I’d still like to see the other dragonshrines, but everyone is so busy right now.  Aeramin is working all the time so he can pay for the room at the inn for his mother.  Kestrae and Sath’alor are getting married so they’re too busy to ask.  Theronil still has the cast on his leg so I can’t ask him if he would go either.  I don’t know anyone else well enough.
  • My father was here a couple of days ago to take off the cast on Theronil’s arm.  It’s been a long time since he’s been in Dalaran.  I showed him the places I go, and he saw my apartment.  He said I should get something bigger.  I told him it was big enough for me.  He said it was big enough for just me, and he twitched his ear.
  • Was that supposed to be a hint?  When I try to talk to girls, it doesn’t work out very well.  I might be better off waiting to see who they can make arrangements with.
  • I think we’re making progress on Aeramin’s spell.  Or I am.  He works most of the time.  I’ve been moving outside the discussion room after he leaves.  It’s easier to read without people talking.  Anyway, I think if we make a hybrid fire/arcane spell, it could work to make it faster, and more efficient.  I don’t know.  It might make it weaker though, and I don’t think he wants that.  I’ve been putting a lot of time on it since I thought of it a few days ago.
  • I’m not sure, but Aeramin doesn’t seem to care much.  Maybe he doesn’t think it’ll work, or maybe he doesn’t think it’ll work for him since he’s not very good at arcane spells at all.  He was late waking up yesterday, and I went to find him at his apartment.  We didn’t have time to discuss the spell much before he had to leave to work on translating the book.  What little we were able to talk about it, he seemed distracted and uninterested.
  • He didn’t show up at his usual time today either.  I went to get him and he was still at his apartment.  He didn’t look like he had been sleeping very well.  He said he wasn’t feeling very well and needed to take the day off.  I suggested that he should go see a healer, but he said all he needed was rest.
  • I went back to check on him at lunch.  He wasn’t there.  I thought maybe he was feeling better and went to the library to translate that book, but he wasn’t there either.  I wound up eating lunch with Vallindra.  She seemed angry about something.  She usually does.

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