Aeramin – Summon Me

Summon me.

The whispers in his head hadn’t stopped.  Aeramin knelt on the cool ground to open his satchel.  “I’ll summon you.”  He said as he took the pouch with the black sand out of his bag.  He glanced up at the city floating overhead.  Kestrae had assured him that this was far enough away.  He wasn’t so sure about that, but it was, by far, a lot safer than summoning in the city itself.  He would never dream of doing such a thing, although the voice in his head had begged him to do just that over the past couple of days.

He poured the sand out on the ground in a circle around himself.  He drew the symbols and runes on the ground as he had the other night when Kestrae was watching him.


He frowned and double checked his circle.  It was fully closed.  The imp would be contained within until he allowed it out.  He unsheathed his dagger.  He winced and twitched his ear as poked the tip of his dagger into one of his fingers.  He let three drops of blood drop on the sand.  He began reciting the words.

The same imp he had called forth the other night, Rupyap, appeared in the circle.  He immediately examined the edges of its confines.  He seemed to take no notice of Aeramin, until the fire bolt knocked him off of his feet.  The imp slammed against the further side of the circle.  The invisible confines kept him from flying out of it as the force of the fire pushed him backwards.  The imp quickly got back on his feet, and looked at Aeramin.

“Good.  I have your attention.”  Aeramin grinned.  “We need to have a little talk.”

Rupyap said nothing, neither out loud nor in Aeramin’s mind.

Aeramin continued.  “You are here for my purposes, and mine alone.  You serve me.  I do not serve you.”  He spoke sternly while glaring at Rupyap.  “You will cease asking me to summon you after you are dismissed.  In fact, I don’t want to hear you at all when you are dismissed.  If I do, you’ll find out that the fireball that you just experienced was a tiny one.  I can do far worse to you, little imp.”

Rupyap cocked his head to one side.  When I am dismissed, master?

“I dislike repeating myself.  You will listen, and listen well when I speak.  You are to be silent after you are dismissed.”

The imp stared at him.  It blinked twice.  I cannot speak to you when I’m not here.

Aeramin muttered a spell and cast another fireball directly at the imp.  This time, a larger fireball slammed into the imp and knocked him hard against the further side of the circle.  “You will not lie to me.”  Aeramin said as the imp slowly recovered from the blow.

Master, The imp looked up.  Aeramin grinned at him.  Rupyap’s eyes widened.  I was… I’m sorry, master.

“Good.  Now, as much as I want to work with you.  I need some sleep.  You are dismissed, Rupyap, and don’t you even dare try to keep me awake.”  Aeramin glared at the imp as it blinked again.

Yes Master.  Rupyap disappeared.


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