Theronil – Theronil’s Log

I’m bored.

Teniron has been by a few times.  The last time, he wanted to know if I could enchant some jewelry for him.  I could, if Isandri would let me.  She thinks I’m going to hurt myself every time I try to move a little.  Although, to be honest, it wouldn’t be easy to enchant anything with just one hand either.

I’m supposed to see the priest this Friday.  I guess he’s coming here.  I suppose that’s easy enough for him to arrange with either his son or daughter to get here and back.  I really hope he says the casts can come off.  It’s driving me nuts being stuck in the bedroom all of the time.

I feel bad that Isandri is missing her classes because of me.  I hope one of her friends there has been taking good notes so that she can read them and keep up.

She brought some books home from the library yesterday.  There were a couple of poetry books, an adventure book and another book.  I’m impressed that she went to that section of the library.  There’s a story along with the pictures.  She was kind of cute reading it and skipping words.  She didn’t think it would be good for the kitten to hear.  I don’t think the kitten understands much of what we say.  When I read some to her, her ears darkened the way they do.  We decided to try some of what was in the book, although really I can’t do much right now.  I just lie there.  If I try to move she thinks I’m going to hurt myself.

I’m sick of being in bed.




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3 responses to “Theronil – Theronil’s Log

  1. glad i can see this one since the last one was password protected hehe

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