OOC – 22, 23 and 24

I didn’t write yesterday as I was working through level 84 on three characters.  They all hit 85 within 5 minutes of each other (the last two on the same quest turn in!)  Here are the screenshots.

#22 – Isturon, my second priest to 85 and my first horde side healer to hit 85. Go go smite heal for tmog runs! Isturon happens to be behind Alinash in this screenshot. He dinged on discovery experience.

#23 – Alinash, my first horde side rogue to hit 85. My third rogue total. Another alliance rogue is at 82, and then another at 81, and still another at 74. I think I like rogues. Now I need to waste some gold and buy him a pick pocket for Hagara. =P

#24 – Teniron, Prot warrior. My second warrior and first horde side to 85. Now I need to finish leveling his JC!


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