Aeramin – Invitations

“Oh, and Aeramin did the cutest thing earlier today.  You should have seen it.”

Aeramin glanced up from his work.  He had finished in the library for the day, and after checking that Sanimir was still in the discussion room, he rushed to the inn to visit his mother and start work on Kestrae’s invitations.  She had dropped by the supplies yesterday morning, and although he had tried to keep the door shut as much as possible, he was sure she could see his living space was rather cramped.  He had thought about waiting outside, but, living right next to one of the open sewer grates, he didn’t think it would be a very good idea.  The tough-looking types who went in and out weren’t usually as busy in the morning, but still, standing around outside of the sewer was just asking for trouble.

She dropped off the supplies he would need to make the invitations, along with a sample.  He had practiced copying the exact style already, yesterday upon first arriving at the inn where his mother was staying.  Today, he was working on the first invitation card.

“And then he put his hands up and said ‘Minn’da’.  His first word!  It was so adorable!  I’m sure he’ll say ‘Ann’da’ soon!”  Maena smiled as she talked to the urn.

Aeramin sighed and continued his work on the invitation.  Some days were worse than others, and today, his mother was worse.

He had gone about his day as usual, checking in on her before going to the library.  He spent the first part of the morning in the discussion room with Sanimir.  His friend hadn’t made any other friends yet, none who he could talk to in the discussion room anyway.  Aeramin went to make sure his friend wouldn’t be alone all day, and to know that he was there.  Vallindra would stop paying him to watch Sanimir if he didn’t know where he was.  The second half of the morning was spent translating the book.  He would break for lunch, often finding Sanimir to eat with, then would go back to the restricted room for the greater part of the afternoon to continue translating the book.  He stopped in the late afternoon and spent the last hour in the discussion room with Sanimir.  For supper, he went to the inn to make sure his mother was doing okay, and to make sure she was eating too.  Sometimes she would forget.

Sometimes she wasn’t there, like today.  He had found her missing today upon arriving at the inn.  He had asked the innkeeper to try to keep an eye on her, but the man had flat out refused, claiming he didn’t run an establishment where he locked guests in their rooms.  Aeramin panicked every time she had gone out, which was more often than he liked.  He was beginning to learn she had a tendency to wind up in one of the parks that were scattered about the city.  Today, he found her in the central park with the fountain, and was able to coax her back to the inn without problem.  A couple of nights ago, she thought he was a stranger, and had started yelling for the guards.  It had taken him a while to explain, and to convince them.  Then, after convincing them, he still had to convince her.  He hoped she wouldn’t do that again, especially not this week.  He had too much to do to be wasting time trying to get her back to where she would be safe.

“Aeramin, why don’t you come talk to your father?  He’s missed you while you’ve been gone.”

Aeramin looked up again.  “I will in a bit, Maena.  I need to finish working on these first.”

Maena shrugged and carried on with chatting to the urn.  Aeramin sighed and started on the next invitation.


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