Theronil – Theronil’s Log

I don’t remember getting home, but I’m here now.  I do remember waking up there.  I remember having breakfast, just a bit of toast, in the morning, with Isandri and the Lightmist family, obviously at some point before leaving.  Sanimir has a lot of sisters.  I remember I was so hungry, but then I was full after a couple of bites.  I remember being tired a lot.

I’m finally not tired, and I’ve ate a bit more.  Isandri keeps trying to feed me, but I’m not that hungry.  I did have some of the left over roast.  It was really good.

Teniron stopped by and offered help.  I don’t know how many times I’ve told him, I don’t need his help.  If Isandri needs to go somewhere, and I wind up needing something, I will either get it myself or wait patiently.

I can only use my right arm.  My left arm is in a cast so I don’t move it.  My left leg is too.  I’m kind of stuck in bed and it’s kind of really boring.  It’s especially boring at this time of the night.  Isandri is asleep.  I had a nap, but I’ve slept a lot lately.  The kitten is awake, but it just looks at me funny when I try to get its attention.  I don’t want to try too much or I’ll wake up Isandri.

She said I talked while I was waking up.  I don’t remember it.  I did have some strange flashback dreams, but I can’t recall much about them.  I know the ghoul was there, and Teniron.  I hate being in Silvermoon.  Even when I’m asleep I have them.  She said I said her name too.  Usually, people whom I’ve met just recently do not end up in flashbacks.  It’s usually the people who are gone.

She said another appointment was made for two weeks from now.  She thinks the casts will come off then.  I thought he said four weeks.  I might have misunderstood.  I was really nervous.  I thought it might get worse or something, but it doesn’t hurt.  I mean, nothing like before.  I think it’s just normal post-surgery pain.  So if it’s all healed, maybe I’ll be able to walk in two weeks.

I’ll probably still have a limp.  The muscle has been weak since the injury.  The way he explained it is that I’ve been in a continuous cycle of healing and re-injury for the past decade.  The healers who healed it at first were right.  I do need to keep using my leg to rebuild the muscle, but the injury to the tendon and ligaments were such that I would have had to stay off my leg for some time for those to heal correctly.  He said that tendon injuries often become chronic.  A knee may feel fine, but the tendon still needs time to recover and is very likely to be re-injured if used too early.  The only way to resolve it is to not use it.

He said that depending on how I heal, he may be able to refer me to a muscle specialist.  He was certain it would mend itself in time, but it could be sped up.  We’re going to wait and see though.  The limp may not be that bad if the pain is gone.  We’ll see.  He said the quote I got in Dalaran for the muscle surgery isn’t that far off from what the guy in Silvermoon would charge.

I’d probably be best just waiting for it to mend itself.


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  1. Oh my waking up from surgery is always a real treat and the days following are always the worst for bit. I’m sure that he will be just fine.

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