Sanimir – Sanimir’s Adventure

Sanimir normally wasn’t one to take stupid risks, especially where life was involved, and then, especially where his life was involved.  His friend, Aeramin had promised they would go to all of the dragonshrines, and Sanimir had especially been looking forward to visiting the Azure Dragonshrine.  He had caught a glimpse of it as they had left the Emerald Shrine.  He could clearly see then all the blue dragons that swarmed about it, and he could feel the power coming from it. It had fascinated him at the time, how so much power could be coming from one spot.  He was eager to return despite the dragons.

He and Aeramin had planned to go, but then Sanimir was held up the morning they were supposed to leave by his employer.  Apparently, another ‘friend’ had been spreading lies about him.  He had to clear that up with both his employer, Theronil, and his sister, whom had been by checking on him again.  Then when he went to find Aeramin, he was not at the landing.  Sanimir checked at his home, and the library, but he couldn’t find him in any of the places he normally would be.

Aeramin wound up being missing for four days.  He claimed that he had been locked in a private reading room.  Sanimir didn’t think it was possible.  How did the lock break so that it was unable to be opened? Why didn’t he just pound on the door?  At worst, he could have made himself a portal, which wasn’t ever a good idea for Aeramin as his portals tended to lead four feet above where they should end.  It was hazardous, but he wouldn’t have been stuck in the room anymore.  However, now that he was out, he still wasn’t showing up at the library.  Aeramin claimed he was busy ‘taking walks’.  Sanimir wasn’t sure what that meant exactly, but it did leave him to sit alone in the discussion room.  He wasn’t about to talk to himself, but none of the bigger groups sitting at any of the tables looked like they needed someone else.  He had been able to sit with Kestrae for his studies yesterday, but being out in part of the main library meant they had to talk quietly.  It was off in an alcove, near the entrance, and they did talk, but not too much.  Mostly he had sat there and read.

Was Aeramin avoiding him?  Had he done something?  Sanimir frowned as he put on his robes.  He’d have to go to the rest of the dragonshrines by himself if that was the case.  He really couldn’t afford to wait much longer.  His sister had been checking on him more often and she was bound to find out eventually that he had already gone to two.  She had already stared curiously at the ‘empty’ jar with holes in the lid that Sanimir kept on his dresser now.  He was certain the green fuzzy would reappear eventually, but was thankful it didn’t in front of his sister.  He was also thankful that she didn’t ask any questions about it.

On a whim, he teleported to the Emerald Dragonshrine.  He sat in the grass and conjured his breakfast.  He looked about.  The green fuzzies were still here.  The strange crystals were as well.  Sath’alor had confirmed that they weren’t bird poop, as Aeramin thought.  What were they then?  With all that had been going on he hadn’t the time to study them properly yet.

He finished his toast while watching the emerald birds flying from tree to tree.  He glanced at the path that led up out of the deep valley that the shrine lay nestled in.  He had his cloak.  It might be cold up there, but it would be warm enough with his cloak.  He could walk a little closer to the Azure Dragonshrine, just to take a peek.

He made his way out of the shrine and into the chill air of Dragonblight.  The hardened snow beneath his feet crunched and groaned as he walked across it.  The blue dragons circled above the font of magical power ahead of him.  He crossed over an old broken path, continuing on towards some trees and bushes near the Azure Dragonshrine.  He peeked around to the other side.

The dragons didn’t seem to take any notice of him as they glided past him.  A deep chasm in front of bushes and trees leveled out at the bottom.  The center of the shrine was lit by a font of magical power.  Sanimir stared at it.  He wanted to get closer.  Not too close, but closer.  He looked around at the sharp edges of the shrine.  To the left he saw what looked like it might be a way down.  He ducked back on the other side of the bushes and made his way around.

Sanimir stood at the top of the ‘path’ down into the shrine.  It wasn’t really much of a path, and the top was very steep.  He began his climb down, carefully finding his footing.  He had worn his fancy robe today and didn’t want to risk ruining it.  It wasn’t easy climbing down in it, but slowly he made his way.  About fifteen feet from the bottom, as he was reaching down with his right foot to find the next foothold, the rock that his left foot rested on wobbled, then toppled out of the side of the cliff.  He slid the rest of the way to the bottom.  A snap was heard as he landed.  He cried out as he grabbed his leg.  It hurt, and judging by how it bent, it was broken.  He had seen his father heal broken bones before, but Sanimir was no healer.

He started casting a teleport spell.  He could go directly to his father, and be healed immediately.  He stopped as one of the dragons roared, and a bunch of them turned towards where he sat at the edge of the bottom of the shrine.  He pushed himself closer to the rock with his uninjured leg, as a group of them soared over him.  Perhaps casting wasn’t a good idea here.  It made sense that they would be able to detect it.

He huddled close to the rock.  Hopefully, Aeramin would notice he wasn’t at the library after he finished his walk.  Someone had to notice.  Someone had to come looking for him.

Someone had to help.



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3 responses to “Sanimir – Sanimir’s Adventure

  1. Oh my, poor Sanimar. I hope someone does noitce that he’s missing and the dragons don’t have an early lunch. Now, I’m sitting here wating for more, you know that?

  2. Awww poor guy! Maybe that female nelf there will help him, hurr hurr.

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