Aeramin – Searching

He had no trouble finding the two books he had hidden in the library, behind other books on one of the bottom shelves.  Aeramin had managed to take them out of the library without anyone noticing as well.  The other book however, the one he had dropped out of the window when he was caught in the restricted room, was proving much more difficult to find.  He looked up at the floating city above.  Had there been a wind that day?  He didn’t remember one.  He was guessing it must have fallen around this area if the library was right above him.

He had managed to skip around the questions that Kestrae and Sanimir had been asking.  No one knew he had been in the restricted access room.  As far as anyone else knew, he had only been locked in a private reading room.  Which was true to a point.  He certainly didn’t want Sanimir asking what he saw in the restricted room.  All the same, he was beginning to think he should tell someone.  It might not be a good idea to summon an imp on his own.  What if something went wrong?  If only he could find the other book!  That one had the exact drawings of the circles he would have to draw.

He pushed aside the tall grass in front of him as he made his way along a small stream.  He pulled his cloak tighter.  Northrend was always cold.  Even in the summer.  He frowned momentarily as the thought came to him that the book may have fallen into the water.  It would certainly be ruined then.  If it had been winter, there would have been a higher chance of the small stream being frozen over, but despite the chill air, it was just warm enough that it wasn’t frozen.  If the book landed there, there would be no retrieving it.  At least not in any readable form.

He frowned and continued his search.



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